Yellow on Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, “the coffin is empty”: the truth about the mystery and censorship

Storm over the royal family: on the sidelines of the long funeral, the mystery of the empty coffin emerges. Many argue that inside there were not the mortal remains of the long-lived sovereign and there is talk of censorship by the English media. Let’s find out better what is the thesis that is gaining ground in public opinion and beyond.

That of Queen Elizabeth II it was a long and particularly heartfelt funeral, both by the royal family who lost their backbone, and by the English subjects who lost their beloved sovereign.

After days of queuing to give her a last farewell, there were thousands of people stationed outside theWestminster Abbey for the funeral of Elizabeth II. A funeral that brings with it a tradition made up of precise and scrupulous ceremonial rites.

In the foreground, after the coffin of the Queen, the members of the royal family reunited by grief: after a long time, a mother, a grandmother (even an encore) and a queen found themselves crying together, leaving behind disagreements.

Queen Elizabeth funeral

A few hours after the end of the funeral, however, the first rumors emerge and the most quoted one is at times frightening. Many argue that Elizabeth II’s coffin was actually empty and that the Queen’s body had already been buried in St Day’s Chapel at Windsor Castle..

The doubt of the supporters of this thesis arises from decomposition problem: after 10 long days of mourning and celebrations, in fact, the Queen’s body would not have been in excellent condition.

Many think that the family would never have allowed the remains of the sovereign to be ruined, so they would have already buried her in the Chapel of San Giorgio to allow her eternal rest.

Queen Elizabeth funeral

“Attempt to censor the British media”

We do not know if it is true that the coffin was empty, but surely many people have asked the same question. Ten days, in fact, are many and out of the classic process.

Several media have tried to provide an answer. Between these, Barbara D’Urso he explored the thriller in his Afternoon 5 program, giving voice to the thought according to which the body in the coffin would not be that of the Queen.

Follows the director of Novella 2000, Roberto Alessiinvestigated the matter. According to the Italian community in London, the sovereign was buried the same dayor of his death in Windsor Castle without the engagement ring that was given to his daughter Anna.

Even the reporter Federico Gatti – a permanent correspondent in London – spoke about it, providing another point of view. He put the emphasis on silence of the British media about the matter. It is perhaps a attempted censorship? It’s hard to think that no one there has asked the same question.

Queen Elizabeth funeral

Vanity FairInstead, he explained how the sovereign’s coffin was designed to preserve the body during the days of national mourning. The funeral of the sovereign had already been studied in detail and everyone was aware of the days that would pass before the ceremony.

For this, the great machine that revolves around the kingdom would have been activated over the years to avoid decomposition. As you can easily imagine, that of the royals is not an ordinary coffin: it is made in English oak from Sandringham Woods and it’s lead coated.

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Yellow on Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, “the coffin is empty”: the truth about the mystery and censorship

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