Yet another cover on Vanessa Incontrada’s body positivity

He’s right Sabrina Ferilli: Vanessa Incontrada, “broke her balls” of being associated with body positivity. Or so it seems from the interview published in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, in which the questions on the subject – born from the now famous New photo shoot published a few weeks ago, the one in which the actress was immortalized in deliberately ungenerous shots – have as a reply only “indifference”. “She didn’t hurt me, I reply indifferently,” she assures twice. Yet, despite this, the cover shout is, and still, “You are beautiful”. “You are beautiful” in the name of the self-acceptance that Incontrada pioneered in 2011, when she denounced body shaming at the time of Zelig. “You are beautiful” but it begins to be redundant.

Yes because that Vanessa Incontrada is beautiful has already been shouted by an entire Neapolitan square on the occasion of his latest live broadcast on Rai Uno. From the belly of the country, some would say. That belly of the country to which the message of “normalization” is destined par excellence and which now seems to have elaborated, digested and assimilated it. It was shouted by an uproar of smartphones that rose in defense of him on the occasion of the tripping of Nuovo, a month ago. And therefore in short, although reiterating it on a cover certainly does not involve anything negative (no social battle is counterproductive, not even the opportunist one of the influencers paid by multinationals ed), the news this time, that is the umpteenth, is not so much that Vanessa is beautiful even with more kilos than before and so on as that, for the first time, the public turns up their noses. Because everything now has the flavor of beatification rather than genuineness. And this generates the opposite effect to empathy, which is boredom.

The fine line between body positivity and rhetoric

We now know the limit between body positivity and rhetoric. And it’s the wink. Wink to yourself and the audience. For the sake of flattery. That is for the celebration or self-celebration of those who take a photo in a bikini deliberately “imperfect” in order to gain identification and like a train on Instagram. But Vanessa Incontrada is not Giorgia Soleri (which, however, we do not quote in a derogatory way, ed), he should not need to continue to tread only the identity label of the social battle to continue in the construction of the character. She is an artist and not an influencer, an artist who this year the rumors wanted to be one step away from co-conducting the Sanremo Festival. And of course, the battle of the body has served a lot in terms of image, but it should only be partial in the professional path.

Also because, finally, faced with the umpteenth cover on self-acceptance, one could also respond with the weapon of provocation, as the best Internet provocateurs would do, or by pointing out that it is precisely by continuing to focus the spotlight on body, which continues to underline the alleged anomaly. And if in June “normalizing” was shrugging in front of the photos published by the director Riccardo Signoretti (because, if we are really inclusive, then we shouldn’t see anything strange in Vanessa’s new body), this time it would have been doing them once again.

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Yet another cover on Vanessa Incontrada’s body positivity

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