Zorzi and Stanzani, the dedications on Instagram for the first year of love (with unedited photo)

An important relationship is what unites Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani who celebrate theirs first year of lovenot only sharing and dedicating important words of love, but also showing fans one unedited photo taken almost a month after the start of their love story.

A love born when Zorzi left the house of the Big Brother Vip and while Stanzani was a competitor of Amici di Maria De Filippi.

Zorzi and Stanzani, the couple celebrates the first anniversary

Sweet words, full of feeling, which tell of a great and important love: Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani exchanged special dedications on the occasion of the couple’s first anniversary. Their relationship was born a year ago and in all this time their feeling has grown more and more, as emerges from what they have revealed on their respective Instagram accounts.

Tommaso Zorzi on the his Instagram profile shared an unedited shot, a photo that dates back to the dawn of their relationship. A Polaroid with a date imprinted in felt-tip pen, which portrays them exchanging a tender kiss. “We took this photo shortly after we got engaged – wrote the influencer and presenter – (then Nicola thought about trying to destroy it) and since that day nothing has changed. You have me made so happy you have no idea. Happy first anniversary My Love ”. Under the shot you can read the date and time in which the two were immortalized: “02/06/21, 21:59”. Lots of likes and comments, including that of Stefania Orlandowho together with Zorzi shared the adventure of the Big Brother. You wrote: “Best wishes you are a wonderful couple”, but there were many, including VIPs and fans, who wanted to congratulate you on this important milestone.

Tommaso Stanzani’s greetings were also very sweet, the dancer shared another kiss of theirs and accompanied him with a special dedication: “After a year I always look at you with the same eyes and I still feel the emotions of our first meeting – we read in support of the photo on the his Instagram profile -. I immediately saw the special person you are even if sometimes you tend to hide it. I love you”.

Beautiful words, which touched the hearts of the couple’s many fans.

Zorzi and Stanzani, their love story

Their love story began a year ago, they both were very reserved about it protecting the relationship from gossip. They only talked about it publicly after six months, in the course of a ‘couple interview issued to very true. In the living room of Silvia Toffanin they said that Zorzi had taken the first step, while the former dancer of Friends initially he was more stuck: “I was a little scared that he was such a well-known character. There was some anxietybut as soon as I saw it he immediately presented himself well ”.

A year has passed since then and their story is more solid and beautiful than ever, as told by the special words they have dedicated themselves on social networks, phrases that are the mirror of a great love.

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Zorzi and Stanzani, the dedications on Instagram for the first year of love (with unedited photo)

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