Air conditioners, beware of air conditioning viruses: the danger

Despite the benefits, or alleged, provided by air conditioners it can carry a very dangerous virus. Here’s how to recognize it.

Conditioner (Image by Mustafa shehadeh from Pixabay)

To beat the heat there is nothing better than conditioner. An excellent remedy that allows you to stay cool at home while outside the asphalt melts like butter in the sun. Yet, although convenience is not in question, a lot needs to be asked Attention using this because side effects are around the corner.

If on the one hand the relief gives a certain and pleasant relief, on the other hand, disturbances and discomfort may arise due above all to temperature changes, to the bad maintenance of the plant. Ailments due to sudden passages from the outside where heat and humidity affect, with cold systems there can be many. Here’s what they are

Conditioner viruses

air conditioner virus diseases
Air conditioning (Photo by Lucio Alfonsi from Pixabay)
These viruses can manifest especially when the air conditioner does not work properly, or when temperatures are too low compared to outside temperatures. But even the installation of too many powerful systems for small rooms can cause more problems. Here are the most common diseases from using this appliance

Sore throat

Sore throat is one of the first ailments that occur manifest. This is caused by the sudden drop in temperature that causes irritation and inflammation of the airways that cause infections. Spending a lot of time in excessively refrigerated environments causes: dehydration and dryness of the larynx and pharynx with consequent burning, pain and hoarseness which, in the most serious, evolve from bronchitis and tracheitis. The cilia, which cover the cells of the mucous membranes, are then able to expel germs and micro-dust, they become blocked in contact with the cold air that arrives from the respiratory tract. The blood vessels also then narrow resulting in a lower supply of oxygen And nutrients to tissues and mucous membranes.

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All this then leads, when the trachea and bronchi cool, to inflammation of bronchitis and pneumonia depend on the incorrect and excessive use of the air conditioner. Furthermore, the risk increases for those suffering from respiratory diseases that lead the person to hyperventilate more. Same fate for asthma sufferers with bronchopneumopathies. Don’t forget that cold air stimulates the receptors cough inducing spasm and contraction of the bronchi which can cause major respiratory crises.

Back and neck pains

Another nuisance due to too many hours spent near the air conditioning are the blows of air. These are responsible muscle contractures in the parts of the neck and back. To prevent it is therefore essential to cover with light silk or cotton when entering cold environments. But even if you spend the whole day in the room where the air conditioner is running.

Eye problems

The use of incorrect and spasmodic of the conditioner it can lead to eye problems. These are very delicate areas and the cold air and the total absence of humidity. This can cause conjunctivitis and dryness.

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Intestinal disorders

The rooms where the air conditioning is used at very low temperatures they cause blockages of digestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea and abdominal colic. This problem does highlights when you are lightly dressed or if you have entered a room still wet from the sea or the swimming pool.

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Air conditioners, beware of air conditioning viruses: the danger

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