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Lhe combinations of different procedures during the same session are nothing new for aesthetic medicine, which is increasingly updating its anti-aging fillers. However, some synergies work better than others. Like those, for example, that they have protagonist a medical device called Ultherapy®loved by Chloë Sevingy and Paulina Porizkova who were among the first to experiment with it.

Anti-aging filler and ultrasound: the new anti-aging combination

“The equipment is FDA approved for skin tightening and generates a sound energy which acts at the level of the support scaffolding that holds up the tissues. Generate a heat able to stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, the production of which decreases with age. This solicitation improves the tone and firmness of the skin which is rejuvenated», explains Geneva Best, Plastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor at the Best Face Clinic in Forte dei Marmi.

«It has been seen that ultrasound can give a further rejuvenating boost if associated with hyaluronic acid-based infiltrations and of calcium hydroxyapatite, substances that have long been used to plump up and restore tone to the skin». Let’s find out what the new integrated protocols consist of.

Anti-aging ultrasound and fillers to rejuvenate the face and neck

The novelty is the technique UltraLift&Skina registered protocol that enhances the action of sound energy with other non-invasive treatments.

Anti-aging fillers today are associated with other non-invasive technologies (Instagram/@madonna)

The aim is to firm and improve the quality of the skin on the face and neck which is showing the first signs of ageing. “After the anesthesia the doctor performs the treatment using the ultrasound with extreme precision thanks to one ultrasound probea tool that allows you to visualize exactly where it is directed», explains Ginevra Migliori.

“The stimulating energy can come to one regenerating temperature of 65°the level of depth varies according to the area to be treated and can reach 4.5 mm».

The treatment continues with the PRX-T3which involves applying a gel based on trichloroacetic acid associated with biostimulant kojic acid. The next step is to infiltrations in specific areas such as the cheekbone area, the area between the sides of the nose, corners of the lips, chin and jaw.

«The injected solution combines two types of substances: a collagen booster containing calcium hydroxyapatite and a skin saver called Belotero Revive with hyaluronic acid. Used together, these two products improve the hydration and quality of the skin», underlines Ginevra Migliori.

Ultrasound and anti-aging calcium hydroxyapatite fillers to tone specific areas

Also for the body, the synergistic solution to improve the condition of skin lacking in tone uses the combination of ultrasound energy and injectable to provide real support to depleted tissue.

«To give consistency to the toneless and wrinkled tissues of the neck, décolleté, inner arms and knees, use Radiesse, a preparation based on calcium hydroxyapatite dissolved in a carboxy-methyl-cellulose gel, which enhances its bio-regenerating efficacy on collagen»explains the doctor Julia AstolfiICAM Master in Aesthetic Medicine.

«Calcium hydroxyapatite has the characteristic of not attracting water to the tissues, and for this reason it lifts the tissues giving support to the skin scaffolding without adding further volume as instead happens with hyaluronic acid which by its nature retains water», says Giulia Astolfi.

“Furthermore, used in the lower third of the face and at the level of the cheekbone it gives excellent results for redefining the line of the jaw and the zygomatic arch, without excesses», explains Giulia Astolfi.

These injections are always used after ultrasound treatment for a specific reason. “The sound energy generates heat that could compromise the effectiveness of the substances conveyed in the subcutaneous tissue,” concludes the expert.


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Anti-aging fillers and ultrasound to rejuvenate the skin – iO Donna

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