Beware of this drug | The consequences can be dire: doctors alert

Taking a drug can be considered almost normal when you know you have a problem to solve. In fact, you should never do this without first consulting your doctor.

The decision to take a drug or not can depend on several factors, including your level of pain tolerance. It is precisely for this reason that in case of discomfort there are those who decide to endure and wait a few hours hoping that the situation will improve and those who prefer to resort to an anti-inflammatory.

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The latter behavior, however, in principle would not be entirely correct. Generally, in fact, you should seek advice from your doctor when you have the opportunity. It is not excluded, in fact, that that medicine may contain a substance that can cause problems, especially if combined with others taken by the patient for other reasons.

Is it really good to take this drug?

Sometimes, however, you do not have the possibility to contact your doctor, especially if a problem should occur in the evening. So what to do in these cases? There are those who do not particularly care about it and in the end still take a drug, although it may have side effects.

Not everyone keeps this in mind, but pain relievers for a headache or a simple stomach ache can also have consequences not the same for everyone.

The problem can be worse if we are talking about a drug that can have effects on the reproductive system, where it is always good to act with caution. This category certainly includes Viagra, which is usually taken to facilitate erection before having intercourse.

Those who think that using it are mainly elderly people who do not want to give up having a few moments of passion must however change their mind.

Viagra is popular with young people more and more

A guy certainly desires to measure up even in the sheets when he gets the chance to have an intimate encounter with a girl he desires. And the fear of “misfiring” can sometimes exist even in the most insecure. Sometimes, in fact, this can be there even when the desire is strong.

This can therefore lead to focus on a “little help” in the hope that this can be providential at the key moment. Those who do, however, always try to keep it hidden from their partner as if this were a cause for shame.

However, taking Viagra as if it were almost candy is a mistake. This, in fact, leads to cancel the symptoms, but without worrying about what the real causes of the problem are. In fact, you shouldn’t think you are “defective” if you have a similar problem, but learn to go to the urologist regularly, just like women do to the gynecologist.

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Giuseppe Martorana, president of the SIU (Italian Society of Urology), thus underlined how important it is to change the way we act and think about the use of the “blue pill”, especially by young people. “Land institutions should move and promote educational campaigns that discourage young people from using this drug. No one has done so so far. The Society of Urology, on the other hand, is carrying out a series of initiatives that may prove to be fundamental ”.

Taking a drug like this can also create an addiction that is difficult to overcome.

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Beware of this drug | The consequences can be dire: doctors alert

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