Cancer: This popular drink increases cancer risk by 80% (and it’s not alcohol)

Cancer research has enabled a number of advances on various fronts, although to this day cancer remains a much feared degenerative disease. A recent study would have suggested that it is possible to drastically reduce the risk of cancer simply by avoiding a popular drink. Let’s see which one together.

Research on the cancer and the growing diffusion of its treatment, have certainly allowed a series of advances on various fronts. Nonetheless, cancer still remains a much feared degenerative disease, with unclear causes and symptoms and often confused with other diseases. For this reason, prevention and early diagnosis are of fundamental importance for timely treatment.

In this sense, a recent study conducted on more than 90,000 postmenopausal women, would have discovered how sugary drinks represent a potential risk factor for liver cancer.

Specifically, according to the study by simply avoiding sugary drinks it would drastically reduce the risk of developing liver cancer and also the chances of developing serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

If these results are confirmed, reducing the consumption of sugary drinks could represent an effective public health strategy to counteract the risk of liver cancer.

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I study

Researchers from the study, published on Current Developments in Nutrition and unveiled at the Nutrition Live 2022 online event last June, they set out to find out if sugary drinks could play a role in the risk of developing liver cancer.

In particular, the data of 90,504 postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 79, who had participated in the Women’s Health Initiative. This is a long-term study launched in the early 1990s, whereby the participants were monitored for about 18 years.

Intake of sugary drinks was defined as the sum of soft drinks and fruit drinks, as assessed by a validated food frequency questionnaire administered between 1993 and 1998, which in turn was compared with cancer diagnoses. liver present in the medical records of the participants.

From the analyzes carried out it emerged that about 7% of the participants reported consuming one or more portions of sugary drinks per day and a total of 205 women he had developed liver cancer.

Additionally, women who consumed one or more sugary drinks per day had the 78% more likely to develop liver cancer and those who consumed at least one soft drink a day were 73% more likely to develop liver cancer than those who had never consumed these drinks or consumed fewer than three servings a month.

The reason behind this correlation would lie in the fact that a greater consumption of sugary drinks would increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, would undermine resistance toinsulin and inflammation, all risk factors for liver cancer.

However, more studies are needed involving younger men and women who can examine the associations more comprehensively.

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Cancer: This popular drink increases cancer risk by 80% (and it’s not alcohol)

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