“Chronic inflammations triggered by poor nutrition, the abuse of drugs, proteins or vitamins also expose us to oncological and cardiological risks”. The advice of the nutritionist Montinaro – Corriere Salentino Lecce

Nutritionist, Dr. Christian Montinaro

LECCE – We are in the age of diets and do-it-yourself treatments: nothing more risky for our health. Failure to meet competencies can lead us to hire foods and products that trigger chronic inflammation in our body from which irreparable effects may arise. Today we talk to a Nutritionist expert, Doctor Cristiano Montinaro, also operating in the Calabrian Center of Cavallino.

“Many patients underestimate inflammation or ‘Inflammation: a harmful action caused by physical, chemical and/or biological agents. The body will defend itself by eliminating the cause of the cellular/tissue damage and using a reparative process. Often it is a short-lived adaptive response that sees many complex signals integrate between various types of cells and organs. An important immunological function is performed by the gastrointestinal microbiota distributed from the stomach to the colon, there is a real exchange of information between gastrointestinal microorganisms and tissue lymphatic system (exposed to food antigens develops and stimulates the immune system and gene expression). In case of protein-calorie malnutrition there is a depression of the immune system with greater sensitivity to infectionson the contrary, in the case of malnutrition due to excess, there is an overstimulation of the immune system with an increased risk of autoimmune pathologies”.

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Doctor, how does the existence of this inflammation occur?

“To verify this inflammation, the free radical test, which would be a venous blood sample (evaluation of free radicals), or a urine test (evaluating the box and indicate it). This type of inflammation can give the most varied problems, including cardiovascular ones. You have to be careful with foods that increase the inflammation index: proteins and stinging substances such as chili and pepper, but also all junk food that fills the body with free radicals, just like spoiled food and pollution. Also in the dock wrong food combinations which help to increase inflammation. Then I would warn all those who abuse drugs and supplements that alter the microbiota creating an inflammatory imbalance which can interact on the pancreas and on various organs”.

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Very often people prefer to live with their problems…

“The histamine evaluation, which is often not done, can be fundamental for studying the inflammatory mechanism. People must learn to respect the skills, to contact the nutritionist before taking initiatives concerning the intake of proteins, supplements, supplements, vitamins and much more.

Some take ginger because they believe it is enough to overcome inflammation, but the medicine is always personalized and it is necessary to understand the quantities our body needs and the precise criteria for taking it. The nutritionist has the role of adapting our diet to our microbiota, to protect its balance and also to overcome imbalances and diseases. Many tumors start at an inflammatory stage. Many toxins produced by an inflammatory state, circulating in our body, could develop serious diseases: that’s why we need to be very careful about what we introduce into our body. Research today and scientific evidence have come to conclude that the role of inflammation (inflammation) tends to initiation, progression and exacerbation of chronic degenerative diseases and obesity. Among the clinical consequences is insulin resistance”.

Therefore, what we eat becomes fundamental, but even the food that can be good for you must be taken on the basis of the actual needs of a given organism…

“Diet is one of the environmental factors with the greatest impact on the levels of inflammatory markerstherefore weight loss is associated with a reduction in plasma concentrations of these inflammatory indicators (markers) which certainly cancel out the potential risk factor. The intake of a followed and balanced diet in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, folate, flavonoids, omega 3 noble fatty acids, substantially reduce the risk of insulin sensitivity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease. Numerous researches have been carried out to define the molecules with an antioxidant action responsible for a certain positive and curative effect on human health, it must therefore be considered that no nutrients taken in isolation can perform a protective function, while in synergy biochemistry yes. Nutrigenomics is part of this complex process of ‘clinical verification’, allowing the study of how food is able to intervene on our DNA to activate those genes, preventing the onset of certain pathologies. I conclude by saying that our genetic, immune and metabolic profile depends on our food style: the more we are able to protect it from risks, the better it will be able to respond to the external stimuli that we all subject ourselves to every day”.

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“Chronic inflammations triggered by poor nutrition, the abuse of drugs, proteins or vitamins also expose us to oncological and cardiological risks”. The advice of the nutritionist Montinaro – Corriere Salentino Lecce

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