Covid also traces hospitalizations And masks remain at work – Chronicle

New increase in hospitalizations of Covid patients, with curves growing, while the decision, expected within the week, is awaited for the maintenance of masks in the workplace. The table between the Ministry of Labor, Health, Economic Development, Inail and the social partners scheduled for yesterday was postponed to June 30 with the aim of signing an updated text of the Protocol on health and safety in the workplace, which “allows for the establishment of a new framework of post-emergency rules”. At the same time, the Ministry of Labor makes it known not to underestimate “the surge in infections that has characterized the last few weeks”. The Protocol still in force provides, among other measures, the obligation to use masks in all cases of sharing work environments. The Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services) records a national growth of one percentage point in admissions to non-critical area wards compared to four days ago: today they reach 9% saturation while on 23 June they were in ” 8% (intensive care employment remained stable at 2%). A growth also indicated by the daily data of the Ministry of Health: the hospitalized in the ordinary wards are 5,873, or 341 more than yesterday. There are 234 patients in resuscitation, an increase of 7. And a recovery of cases is expected in the coming weeks.

In the last 24 hours, following the well-known weekend effect, there were 24,747, about half yesterday, and the victims are 63, an increase compared to yesterday’s 44. 100,959 swabs performed with a stable positivity rate of 24.5%.

On the progress of the infections, Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri explains that the current wave “will be self-limiting like the others, in the sense that it will last a few more weeks, then obviously it will go out”. Professor Fabrizio Pregliasco instead speaks of “underestimated” cases: “sooner or later Omicron we will all make it, it’s a disaster, because the virus escapes” and affects “even those who are cured and also the vaccinated. There is the risk of an increase. further in the number of cases, which are underestimated, they will be about 100 thousand per day “. In Italy the positive certificates “are at least 600 thousand but in reality they will be double, more than a million”, explains the expert.

For Massimo Ciccozzi, epidemiologist at the biomedical campus in Rome “we are in the midst of the wave of Omicron 5, but it was predictable. We are living what was experienced in Portugal before us”. The peak will likely come in 3-4 weeks, followed by a plateau and a decline in cases, he says. “The fact that the virus turns in the summer, certainly because all protection has been removed, makes us say that Covid has not yet reached its final phase” explains Giorgio Palù, president of the Italian drug agency (Aifa). Meanwhile, from the report drawn up by the Covid-19 commission of the Accademia dei Lincei, chaired by the Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi, there is an indication that vaccines are crucial to be able to beat the virus over time, avoiding the appearance of new variants, but to achieve this objective will have to be distributed equally throughout the world, including the poorest countries.

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Covid also traces hospitalizations And masks remain at work – Chronicle

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