Covid, even serious disorders after two years: beware of these symptoms

A new study conducted by the University of Oxford and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) of the Oxford Health Biomedical Research Center, has confirmed that patients who have had Covid are more vulnerable, in two years following infection, to develop type diseases neurological And psychiatric. This is a very important research, considering that it has taken into account the medical records of more than 2.5 million people. Of these, half had tested positive for Sars-Cov-2 in the previous two years, while the other half had tested positive for other respiratory infections.

Mental fog and psychosis even after two years: the results of the study

Scientists tried to figure out the frequency of diagnoses of 14 diseases neurological and psychiatric in the 24 months following the infections, discovering important differences between those who had Covid and who did not. The data were also divided by pandemic wave and by age of the patients.

Many of the disorders considered were more frequent after Sars-Cov-2 infection. In particular the study showed a higher incidence of anxiety And depression within two months of positivity. Other diseases such as dementia and the convulsions, disturbances psychotic And fog mental on the other hand, they were more frequent in former Covid patients throughout the two-year period under consideration.

In particular, mental fog, also known as brain fog, cognitive fog or with the English equivalent brain fog, it can be an alarm bell. In fact, it is estimated that it is striking between 20% and 30% of Covid patients in the three months following infection. Beyond the 65% of those who have symptoms from long Covid he also has neurological symptoms. That I can debilitate working life and everyday life, since they also make it difficult to complete basic activities due to lack of concentration and difficulty in understanding directions and communicating.

This particular effect of Covid is being investigated all over the world. At the base there could be the effect of the virus on some receptors, with mechanisms similar to those of other diseases. Here we have told you about the possible cause of the long-term symptoms of Covid and their relationship with the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Neurological and psychiatric disorders after Covid: who affect the most

There were fewer differences between the two groups in children and in Boys under the age of 18, and in particular there was no risk of developing anxiety and depression that was particularly different from peers with other respiratory infections. Even for the youngest, however, a higher incidence of seizures and psychosis was found after Sars-Cov-2 infection.

The waves that have seen a greater diffusion of the variants Delta And Omicron they are associated with a higher occurrence of neurological and psychiatric disorders than the variant Alpha. In short, although Omicron generally gives rise to a less serious disease, it could still cause significant damage to the brain.

What changes in light of the new findings on post Covid disorders

As stated by the University of Oxford itself in a press release, this study has a few limits. First of all, it is not possible to go back to when the various disorders actually appeared for the first time, but only to the date of diagnosis. In addition, there could be many cases of Covid or unregistered vaccinations in the control group.

However, it is possible to draw important conclusions from this research, as explained by Professor Paul Harrison, of the Department of Psychiatry of the English university. “It’s a’great news to know that the increased incidence of anxiety and depression after Covid is only temporary and is not detected in children. While it is worrying the fact that other disorders are diagnosed more frequently even two years after the infection “.

Dr. Max Taquet, one of the scientists authoring the study, also explained the importance of these discoveries that “shed light on the long-term effects on the health of the brain and psyche of patients who have contracted Sars-Cov-2. The research results will serve to better manage the health service and the patients themselves, and highlight the need for further analysis to understand the causes of these disorders and their relation with Covid, implement strategies for prevention and find new ones care“.

Here you can find all the symptoms of the post Covid, which include headaches and joint pains. A study conducted in Italy has revealed what are the long-term effects of the disease on children, as explained here. For the little ones, Long Covid can be particularly heavy.

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Covid, even serious disorders after two years: beware of these symptoms

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