Covid, infected not vaccinated after a year without antibodies. I study

A figure found especially in smokers and those over 60. Age and the presence of mental illnesses also contribute to the level of protection

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According to one study conducted by scientists from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), unvaccinated people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, one year after infection, would no longer show detectable antibodies. The research, published in the journal BioMed Central Medicine, was led by Manolis Kogevinas, Marianna Karachaliou and Gemma Moncunill.

What the study says


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In order to support the thesis, the researchers examined seroprevalence in the Catalan population, comparing the levels of antibodies between vaccinated subjects and subjects who had only contracted the COVID-19. Through seroepidemiological analyzes, the authors explain, it is possible to evaluate the immunity of a population, which is built through infection and vaccination. Most serological studies performed after vaccination for Covid-19 have focused on specific groups, such as healthcare professionals. Our work took into consideration a cohort of the population of Catalonia, enrolled in the COVICAT survey ”, explained Kogevinas. To identify the duration, and extent, of the antibody response in vaccinated, unvaccinated and infected people, the researchers used information collected through a questionnaire and medical records from 1,076 people, aged 43 to 72 years. .

The results

According to the results, 36% of infected but unvaccinated patients no longer had specific antibodies one year after the disease. A fact found especially in smokers and those over 60. The vaccinationAccording to experts, it could induce significantly higher antibody levels in people who had had a previous infection. “These results underline the importance of vaccinating people even if they have been previously infected and confirm that hybrid immunity is associated with better and longer-lasting protection,” Karachaliou comments. Furthermore, the analyzes have shown that Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine , is associated with higher levels of antibodies than other alternatives. Incredibly, age and the presence of mental illness also contribute to the level of protection. The scholars conclude: “The association between mental health and antibody responses requires further investigations but people with disorders such as depression, chronic stress or schizophrenia are known to have a lower response to vaccination in general. It should be noted that our work was carried out before the Omicron variant became dominant ”.

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Covid, infected not vaccinated after a year without antibodies. I study

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