Covid, Lantigen B reduces the risk of infection. The study on bacterial lysates

A new weapon against Covid? The drug Lantigen B, which belongs to the bacterial lysate family, appears to be effective in reducing Sars-CoV-2 infections. These, in a nutshell, are the conclusions of a study conducted by an Italian team coordinated by Giovanni Melioli, former Head of the Experimental Medicine Department at the Giannina Gaslini Institute in Genoa and professor of laboratory management at the High School of Specialization of Clinical Pathology at the University of Genoa. The results have been published in pre-print and awaits publication in a peer-reviewed international journal.

Bacterial Lysates are old allies of the lungs. Developed in the 60s of the last century, they are a category of drugs that contain inactivated parts of bacteria, allowing the immune system to prepare in time to react to infections. Many studies in the last 50 years have scientifically proven that Lysates stimulate the production of antibodies, reduce frequent infections of the respiratory tract and improve the health of the mucosa, proving to be beneficial for both the elderly and children, categories particularly sensitive to the diseases of season. With the advent of Covid-19, however, these drugs – and one drug in particular, Lantigen B – could play a completely new role. In the Italian in vitro study, the cells of the pharyngeal mucosa, treated with an amount of Lantigen B equivalent to the normal dosage required for taking the drug, reduce the expression of the ACE2 receptors which act as gateways for the virus to enter the cell surface.

Melioli is hopeful for the future: «At the moment, there are three ways to protect yourself from Covid-19, not to get infected; the vaccine; antiviral drugs. I am confident – says the scientist – that these new lines of research have revealed the existence of a fourth defense, the bacterial lysates that reduce the possibility of being infected. This new resource against Covid-19 is not an alternative to the vaccine. The vaccine is proven to be the tool that greatly reduces systemic effects (such as interstitial pneumonia) and more severe symptoms when we get infected. Lantigen B in turn promises to be the drug that helps us not to infect ourselves. An important result, also considering the other benefits of Lysate on the respiratory tract, for many of the categories at risk and, above all, for those who are not covered, for various reasons, by vaccine protection ».

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Covid, Lantigen B reduces the risk of infection. The study on bacterial lysates

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