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ROME (Adnkronos) – The scenario related to the covid pandemic is “unpredictable” and Italy must prepare for the winter. The circular from the Ministry of Health highlights that “all surveillance activities will continue, since there is likely to be an increase in pressure on laboratories both for diagnostics, but also more generally on virological surveillance networks due to a greater seasonal circulation of respiratory viruses , it is necessary that mechanisms to strengthen the existing systems are foreseen”.

“In fact, it will be essential to ensure a sufficient sequencing volume to monitor the viruses in circulation and the emergence of new viral variants and an adequate diagnostic capacity of the laboratories”, provides for the document ‘Interventions in place for the management of the circulation of SARS- CoV-2 in the winter season 2022-2023’, signed by the director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza, and by the director of Programming Stefano Lorusso, and elaborated with the support of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS). “Therefore, it is strongly recommended, at least in elective contexts such as hospitals and emergency rooms, to collect samples to be subjected to molecular testing, to guarantee a minimum number of samples to be genotyped in each region and autonomous province”, continues the document.

“The use of masks is effective in reducing the transmission of respiratory viruses and in the event that an evident epidemiological deterioration is documented with serious clinical impact and on the functioning of welfare services, their use in closed spaces could be indicated, aimed in particular to protect people at high risk of serious illness”, the circular continues.

“In the event of a possible significant worsening of the Covid epidemiological picture – continues the circular -, the temporary adoption of other measures can be evaluated, such as working from home or limiting the size of events involving gatherings”.

For the 2022-2023 winter season, “it is considered essential that the regional health services verify, and, if necessary, strengthen their state of preparation in order to face a possible increase in the demand for assistance for cases of Sars-CoV infection -2”, recommends the circular. The ministry underlines the importance “that the organizational structure of the health services dedicated to Covid-19 (with particular reference to hospital bed allocations) will have to dynamically follow the trends of the related demand and the epidemiological situation, to limit the effects of management of the pandemic on the treatment of pathologies other than Covid-19 and on the waiting lists for scheduled services”.

In particular, it is recommended to verify “the allocation of beds in ordinary hospitalization (Covid medical area) and in dedicated intensive/sub-intensive care regimens and to be dedicated to Covid-19 patients, to be identified and activated in a flexible manner based on the request; the availability and correct application of formalized hospital protocols for the safe management of patients (hospitalized due to the clinical manifestations of Covid-19; hospitalized for other causes in departments of different nosological competence and positive results in the search for the Sars-CoV-2 virus ); the availability and correct application of formalized hospital protocols for the disinfection and sanitization of the living rooms of positive patients in search of the Sars-CoV2 virus; the procurement – continues the document – of consumables, instruments, devices, diagnostics, medicines, vaccines; the availability of trained and continuously updated healthcare personnel, who can support hospital wards and local services in the event of an increase in the number of cases such as to exceed the current capacity of the healthcare systems and the Prevention Departments”.

Although the evolution of the pandemic is currently unpredictable, our country must prepare to face a winter in which an increased welfare impact could be observed attributable to various acute respiratory diseases, first of all influenza, and to the possible circulation of new variants of Sars-CoV-2, also determined by individual behaviors and the immune status of the population”, the conclusions of the circular.

The technicians highlight “the need to intensify the sequencing in order to reach a sufficient number to identify the possible circulation of new variants. It is particularly important to avoid the congestion of health facilities by limiting the incidence of serious illness from Covid-19 and the complications of the flu in people at risk, above all protecting the most fragile people”.

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Covid, ministry circular: “Italy prepares, unpredictable pandemic” – Reportpistoia

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