Covid, the rules for tampons in hospital and hospitalizations change: here are all the news

Avezzano. Coordinate the transition from an emergency-type management of the Covid 19 positive patient to a sustainable management for the regional hospital system, through uniform guidelines in all local health units.

This is the objective of the technical document, drawn up by the Regional Health Agency with the support of a technical-scientific committee of doctors and experts.

The protocol was illustrated this morning by the councilor for health, Nicoletta Verì, and by the director of the Asr, Pierluigi Cosenza.

Indeed, in the light of the current epidemiological scenario, it has proved essential to update the previous guidelines, in particular with regard to two main aspects: swabs for healthcare workers and patients, appropriateness criteria for the hospitalization of patients affected by Covid 19 in hospital care settings.

As far as swabs are concerned, the use of third-generation antigenic agents is preferred, so as to guarantee a faster response in the event of an emergency, reserving the molecular mainly for scheduled interventions in the onco-haematological hospitalization areas. The antigen test will be carried out both before admission in any hospitalized area, and on hospitalized patients who have had close contact with a positive during their stay, who present symptoms compatible with Covid 19 or before being transferred to surgery for an operation. Healthcare workers, on the other hand, will have to undergo tests in the event of close contact with a positive (every day from the second to the fifth day from the last contact), in the event of the appearance of symptoms compatible with Covid 19 and before being readmitted to work result of virus positivity.

The paradigm of hospitalization management also changes, which must be mainly determined by the patient’s clinical-assistance needs and not by the positivity to Covid 19. Thus, the patient who enters the emergency room with a prevalent disease associated with the virus, follows the ordinary path in hospitalization areas dedicated to Covid, depending on the intensity of the clinical picture. On the other hand, the patient who enters the emergency room for other pathologies and tests positive for the virus will be hospitalized in the gray area of ​​the individual operating units. Furthermore, any surgical intervention will be carried out at the end of the operating session, so as to avoid any contacts with other patients. The patient who becomes positive during hospitalization is also transferred to the same gray area of ​​the ward.

During this morning’s meeting, the announcement was also illustrated, prepared by the Health Agency, for the formation of a list of doctors available to be employed in activities of verification and control of the services provided by the local health authorities and by the private affiliated structures. All doctors enrolled in the Order can participate in the notice, even if retired.

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Covid, the rules for tampons in hospital and hospitalizations change: here are all the news

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