Diet of 2023, from physical activity to night sleep: the advice of the Veronesi Foundation to get back in shape (we can do it)

The beginning of a new year is a diary of blank pages to be written and health should be at the top of the priority list. The Veronesi Foundation is generous with advice in the name of reasonable objectives to be pursued and maintained over the months that await us.

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2023 diet, what to eat to get back in shape

Weight is an almost taboo topic during the holiday season, but it’s too important not to put it at the head of good intentions. 25 million Italians are overweight, 6 million of whom are in the obesity range (the estimate is from the Italian Barometer Obesity Research).
Being overweight mainly feeds on a lack of awareness of the problem and its causes, mainly attributable to reduced physical activity and too many calories, but also to insufficient night sleep, stress and endocrinological problems.
Obesity is not a fault, but neither is it a condition to be accepted passively because it is a chronic disease that opens the door to many others. A visit to the dietician or endocrinologist can help you start off on the right foot because excess weight is a complex problem that requires targeted interventions (including pharmacological ones) and perseverance. Motivation is important (the psychologist can help), but by itself it is not enough.
The main reason for the failure of the strategies we implement to lose weight are the resistances of our physiology and our brain.

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The sport

The ideal dose is 150-300 minutes of weekly physical activity to be spread over every day if possible. Focusing it on the weekend is better than nothing. Research published in Jama Internal Medicine has in fact rehabilitated the so-called weekend warriors who have the same reduction in long-term cardiovascular and cancer risk (reduced by 8 and 15% when compared to sedentary people) compared to those who practice nearly every day.
But which activity? Aerobics, alternating with resistance training, to strengthen muscles and improve balance, especially after 65. But, as the World Health Organization says, every movement counts. Not just running, cycling and swimming. Never forget the journey. Everything, except becoming one with the sofa.

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The sleep

The experts of the Veronesi Foundation recommend being very methodical with sleep: if possible, always go to bed at the same time and sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. No blue screens (smartphones, tablets, computers) before bed. Also avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, energy drinks) 6 hours before going to bed, excess alcohol and heavy dinners.
Yet another proof of the link between inadequate sleep and extra kilos: teenagers who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more exposed to obesity and metabolic problems.

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The cigarettes

Every day, to quit smoking, is the right one. But, it certainly isn’t easy. New help could come from cytisine, a substance studied by the National Cancer Institute, which is prescribed by specialists in anti-smoking centers (there are 227 in Italy).
It is a galenic drug, prepared by the pharmacist in small capsules. It causes revulsion towards smoking (nausea or alteration of the taste of the cigarette) and being a partial agonist of the nicotine receptors, it reduces withdrawal symptoms.
It is administered for two weeks at full dosage (from 2 to 6 capsules per day), then it is reduced until it is stopped after 40-60 days. Of course, ask your doctor for advice.

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All tests

Neglected especially in the years of the pandemic, they must be dusted off immediately. In addition to those already present in Italy (mammography, HPV tests and Pap tests for cervical cancer, colon cancer screening), the new recommendations of the European Commission also suggest new ones: those for lung cancer, prostate and stomach in people at risk.

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It means taking care of your mental health, carving out a space every day dedicated to our favorite activities (gym, reading, playing music, going out for a walk, perhaps immersed in nature). Fighting loneliness helps fight depression and keeps your brain fit.
Social isolation increases the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly, even leaving visible marks on MRIs on areas of the brain responsible for learning and memory.


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Diet of 2023, from physical activity to night sleep: the advice of the Veronesi Foundation to get back in shape (we can do it)

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