Diletta Leotta: “I never give up on yoga and fitness: this is how I keep fit during the season”

The presenter and speaker trains with the Buddyfit App and on September 27th she will be the protagonist of a live: “The application is enough to be able to train anywhere. The diet? Even there, I do it alone. But I never say pasta alla norma. say no “

Chiara Zucchelli

Dividing daily between family, friends, love and work is not easy for anyone. For a busy girl like Diletta Leottathen, it can be even more complicated. This is why, between training and nutrition, learning to manage yourself and your time becomes crucial.

TV and radio host, 31 years old, Sicilian who has lived in Milan for some time, Diletta tells of how the passion for sport has always been part of her and her daily life. How to combine passion and professional commitments? Thanks to a workout that she adapts to her needs of hers. When she is not in the field is at home training with Buddyfit, the first fitness platform in Italy, which combines fitness, in fact, yoga and meditation.

What is special about the Buddyfit app?

“What I like most about Buddyfit is the possibility of being able to train wherever I am, with my work I would not be able to find the time to go to the gym. With Buddyfit I found my balance by training from home.

How many times on average do you train a week? “Whenever I can, depending on the time I can carve out, I choose classes of 15/30 or a maximum of 45 minutes. The important thing for me is to do a workout during which I can have fun so as not to weigh myself too much “.

Can you still train with the App when you are away for work?

“Yes, it is one of Buddyfit’s strengths: having everything always at hand, classes, programs and even live shows…”.

Which workout do you prefer?

“For me, training also means freeing your mind and disconnecting from everything: in fact, since I discovered yoga I can no longer do without it. I can just relax and enjoy my workout at the same time. The other days I choose training for both the upper and lower body. “

Is the training only physical or is it also dedicated to meditation?

“Head and body train together with different paths, but both must be trained. Since I have dedicated time to meditation I have been better, and those who know me know it. We are often used to wanting to do a thousand things without stopping, however, sometimes slowing down is the key to regaining serenity. In the most hectic periods or in which I do not feel motivated, I immediately find energy thanks to the very useful audio guides on the app. It’s amazing how, after listening to certain words, dynamics are created that make you change your perspective ”.

Football or fitness: what do you choose?

“Both of them! The beauty of my job is that I am in constant contact with sport and with sports people, who share the same passion as me. I’m lucky because I love my job and it allows me to have time to train too, obviously from home or wherever I am. In fact, during the whole championship I have to move often from Milan, but I have the possibility to train anyway from my phone. On Buddyfit the classes are live (there will be a live one with Diletta on September 27th at 7pm, ed) or comfortably in replay, with no time limit. Just what he does for me and for anyone who travels often ”.

What do you need to train from home? Have you built a small gym?

“There is nothing necessary, but it depends on the training you prefer to follow. My advice, especially for girls, is to get ready with an elastic band, weights and two anklets. If I’m around and I don’t have all this remedy with me with what I find. The important thing is to train and at the most increase the intensity a little. Often if you are away from home you think you cannot train in any way; in reality you can always opt for a nice free body circuit ”.

What does Diletta see in her future?

“I hope to still take away a lot of satisfaction, there are so many projects to work on and I can’t wait for them to come true. I don’t like planning everything in detail, I experience everything that is beautiful that happens to me. The only certainty? Sport will always accompany me, both in and out of work ”.

Nutrition chapter: what must never be missing in your diet?

“I could say from vegetables, to fruit to chocolate to pasta. Fortunately, my diet is very varied and balanced, I don’t make great sacrifices, but I am very careful about what I eat “.

Does a nutritionist follow you or do you do it yourself?

“No, no nutritionist follows me, I do it myself”.

Can you cook and if so, can you tell us a favorite recipe?

“Yes, I like to cook. Since my favorite dish is pasta alla norma, I love cooking pasta alla norma, also because it is a recipe that my mother taught me of the Sicilian tradition, especially Catania, and sometimes for dinner I combine it with a glass of red wine “.

Would you like to do something on TV related to the world of sport not told but practiced?

“Yes, I would love it also because if I hadn’t done this job I probably would have been an athlete (laughs, ed)“.

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Diletta Leotta: “I never give up on yoga and fitness: this is how I keep fit during the season”

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