Drinks, alcohol and cancer: what to drink and what absolutely not to avoid the disease

There is a close relationship between drinking certain beverages, alcohol and cancer. Numerous scientific studies tell us which ones to prefer to ward off the disease.

The wine it is a pleasant “nectar” present on our tables since ancient times. Certainly, it contributes taste and substance during mealsbut it is also proven that too alcohol favors the onset of tumors. Other types of drinks, on the other hand, can significantly help keep fit. And it’s not just about juices.

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What to assume too much alcohol and spirits face bad for your health is now a established principle. Obviously, having a glass of wine with meals is beneficial, invigorating and pleasant. But when the amount it is wider and above all continues for a long time, the problems are not long in coming. According to recent studiesin addition to the damage caused in general, alcohol has a close relationship with the onset of some types of neoplasms.

Alcohol and cancer: what scientific research has discovered

To understand how much is important not to abuse alcohol to ward off a tumor, we can refer to two evaluations: the first is provided by it IARCwhich also deals with the “evaluation of the effects of chemical and physical agents on cancer risk”.

Alcohol is classified such as carcinogen even since 1988. More precisely, it was inserted into the Group-1 carcinogens. This is the group where it is mentioned what – as a result of proven studies – has ahigh ability to make people contract the disease.

Among other things, the link of alcohol with neoplasms is even more specific in the cancers affecting the mouththe pharynxL’esophagusthe larynxthe otherwisethe colonthe liver and the pancreas.

Another one assessment – among the many – to which we can refer is undoubtedly the research carried out by the EPIC (the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition). The results of the studypublished in 2011 on the British Medical Journalpointed out that “10 percent of all cancers that affect males and 3 percent of those that affect females are attributable to alcohol consumption“.

Fortunately, in addition to prevention and early diagnosiswe have other “weapons” for fight tumors. One of these comes from drinks which, unlike alcohol, bring numerous benefits and raise the defenses.

Drinks that are good for you and protect against cancer

If we think about good, fresh and healthy drinks most likely we imagine a beautiful one citrus juice. And we are right. Centrifuges, smoothies and fresh fruit juices provide the body with many vitamins and substances that protect us from disease. Of course we talk about unpackaged drinks and without sugar added.

Together with the juices, we also find the Green teaanother one of those drinks that helps in preventing tumors. In particular, a substance contained within the leaves used for the infusion: i polyphenols. Many Education attribute to strong catechins anti-cancer propertieswhich they seem to protect from skin, colon, lung, breast and prostate cancers.

In the end, an “unsuspected” drink can give us a help against cancer, and above all a lot of taste. Let’s talk about the hot chocolate. Experts tell us it can hold up to 5 times more antioxidants compared to a cup of tender And 3 times more of a cup of green tea. Of course, due to thehigh calorie content we will not have to exaggerate, but now we know that even this gluttony can help us in fighting the onset of a tumor.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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Drinks, alcohol and cancer: what to drink and what absolutely not to avoid the disease

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