FIMMG Bari – Therapeutic plans for aids to diabetic patients

Letter to the Councilor Palese

Friday 06 May 2022

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Egr. Councilor for Health of the Puglia Region

And pc Egr. Director of the Health and Wellness Promotion Department of the Puglia Region

Subject: Therapeutic plans.

The undersigned OS hereby reiterates the problems connected with the compilation of therapeutic plans for the provision of aids to diabetic patients.

In fact, there are several reports from colleagues of serious inconvenience for doctors and citizens in being able to reconcile a high amount of work for this issue in the hands of family doctors at this time, since it overlaps the rest of the ‘assistance activity, primarily deriving from the Covid infection not yet resolved despite the end of the pandemic emergency.

Among other things, colleagues report that:

1. the compilation of the treatment plans in the manner indicated, also for other pathologies that foresee it, on many occasions is not carried out by the specialist colleagues and is instead sent back to the family doctors;

2. the IT validation processes in various cases do not take place in adequate time to allow regular prescription to patients who are entitled and in need and in some cases, it has been reported, this validation has been entrusted by the DSS to nurses;

3. reports arrive on the basis of which, in some areas, after the completion of the PT and the identification of the glucometer by the doctor, the patient did not have the regular supply because the availability was exhausted, and the doctor was asked to modify the PT, thus increasing the workload in exclusively bureaucratic terms, since obviously the doctors are not aware of the number of glucometers available in storage.

Today, general medicine can no longer take charge of activities that are not relevant to its field of operation and, where true, of being subjected to the authorization control of other health personnel who do not have the skills for treatment by law. Therefore, every initiative is requested to simplify the activities related to the prescription and the provision of aids in compliance with professional roles. Having said this, in order to avoid inconvenience to the patients, FIMMG will communicate to its members to proceed, once the plan in electronic or paper format has been completed, with the prescription on a prescription from the National Health Service of the principals and at the same time not to take on any changes to the plan itself. and of the prescription if at the time of dispensing there is no availability of the indicated glucometer and / or different packs of the aids for reasons that do not fall within the competence of family doctors.

Pending feedback, however, we are asked to include the problem on the agenda of the next CPR.

Best regards.

Bari, 06 May 2022

The Regional General Secretary

Dr. Donato Monopoli

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FIMMG Bari – Therapeutic plans for aids to diabetic patients

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