Forlì keeps his heart in shape: many in Piazza Saffi for the cardiovascular prevention day

And Forlì also keeps his heart in shape. Many people met on Sunday in the square for cardiovascular prevention. In the early afternoon, the regional councilor for health, Raffaele Donini, also arrived and thanked volunteers and professionals “for an excellent organization”. Among others present at the appointment were Marcello Galvani, director of the Cardiology Operating Unit, and the director of the “Morgagni-Pierantoni” hospital, Paolo Masperi.

“Keep your heart in shape” is the project for the prevention of cardiovascular risk launched by the Emilia-Romagna Region in 2021, now in its second edition, organized in collaboration with the Myriam Zito Sacco cardiological foundation, the cardiological association of Forlì, the Municipality of Forlì and the Aus Romagna. From the very beginning, in fact, the aim of the project was to become an annual event in line with World Heart Day, which falls on 29 September.

Doctors and nurses have dedicated themselves within a mobile clinic consisting of an equipped vehicle and gazebo, to different types of free check-ups including the determination of the lipid structure, through a simple sampling of a drop of capillary blood, the detection of the main vital parameters, such as blood pressure and body mass index and the screening of asymptomatic atrial fibrillation. These tests allow to calculate the cardiovascular risk score and evaluate the user’s risk card through a computerized algorithm. The cardiologists present provided the necessary advice: the subjects most at risk will be invited to contact their general practitioner and, in the event of a pathology being found, a visit to the local cardiology reference will be guaranteed.

In addition to the check-ups carried out by doctors and nurses from the Forlì Cardiology and other departments, various stands were created, in collaboration with the Romagna Institute, operators from the Department of Public Health and the Ser.T. of the Ausl Romagna – Forlì, with the support of the third sector realities, in which information was provided regarding correct lifestyles (physical activity, healthy eating and smoking cessation). Finally, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructors, certified by the American Heart Association and volunteers from the Viva committee, gave lessons on the use of the defibrillator, while health workers and volunteers from the Forlivese Cardiology Association provided advice on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Educational films on healthy lifestyles and risk factor control were also shown during the event. In Romagna the next stage is scheduled for Saturday 8 October in Piazza Cavour in Rimini.

Cardiovascular risk factors and their spread in Romagna

In Romagna, the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the adult population (18-69 years) is 4.7% (3.8% Forlì, 4% Ravenna, 4.9% Cesena and 5.2% Rimini, the latter in line with regional estimates). If we consider the population over 70 years of age, at company level the prevalence reaches 32%, a value in line with the regional one. Cardiovascular diseases are largely preventable, as they recognize, alongside non-modifiable risk factors (age, sex and familiarity), also modifiable factors, linked to behaviors and lifestyles, (smoking, alcohol, improper diet, sedentary lifestyle) often in turn the cause of diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, arterial hypertension.

In Romagna, in the population 18-69 years of age, 20% suffer from hypertension (21% of hypertensive people are completely sedentary, 45% consume less than 3 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and 69% have excess weight ); 31% have high levels of cholesterol in the blood (among hypercholesterolemics 16% are completely sedentary, 47% consume less than 3 portions of fruit and vegetables and 56% have excess weight; 4% suffer from diabetes (between 31% smoke cigarettes, 25% have a sedentary lifestyle, 18% consume alcohol in a potentially risky way for health, 76% are in excess weight); 42% are in excess weight; 30% are overweight and 12% have obesity.

Only 12% of Romagna people eat fruit and vegetables daily at recommended levels (5 or more portions); 27% of adults are partially active as they practice physical activity in their free time but at lower levels than those recommended by the WHO, while about 1 in seven adults (14%) is completely sedentary (source: Ausl Romagna 2021 Health Profile drawn up from the Department of Public Health).

Tips to reduce the risk

-Choose a healthy diet and maintain your ideal weight. Fruits and vegetables: 5 servings a day, preferably in a different color and in season. You will fill up on vitamins, fibers, minerals and water. More legumes: Beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, use them both fresh and dried to prepare first or second courses and other preparations; they are a great alternative to animal proteins. Alternate protein sources: choose fish several times a week, both fresh and frozen, preferably blue and lean meats such as chicken, turkey and rabbit … it is preferable to cook on the grill or steamed. Prefer extra virgin olive oil to season your dishes. Include whole-grain products rich in fiber, such as bread, pasta, cereals and flours, in your diet. Limit your consumption of cold cuts and cheeses, which are often very high in fat and salt. Moderate your intake of sweets and sugary drinks. Reduce the addition of salt in dishes, to flavor your dishes use spices and aromatic herbs. Consume alcoholic beverages in moderation and preferably with meals.

– It is never too late to start moving and the benefits begin immediately. Exercise regularly and moderately for at least 30 minutes a day; try to be more active: choose the bicycle instead of the car for short trips, use the stairs, walk outdoors; considering your state of health, consider with your doctor whether to practice more intense activities, such as brisk walking, swimming and sports several times a week. Include at least 2 sessions of muscle exercises during the week such as stretching, yoga, push-ups; sit as little as possible and cyclically try to increase the level of your physical activity. Quit smoking, you will get immediate benefits. After one year, the risk of cardiovascular disease is halved and progressively decreases in the following years. Both active and passive smoking is harmful.

– Check regularly and pay attention to: a blood pressure above 140/90 mm Hg; a blood glucose value equal to or greater than 126 mg / dl in fasting; a value of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) in the blood above the normal range predicted by the laboratory; a body weight higher than that indicated for your age and height.

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Forlì keeps his heart in shape: many in Piazza Saffi for the cardiovascular prevention day

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