Free: we want to see clear on basic medicine, strange advice for the hospital and on the free profession Iss

Considering the countless reports of inconvenience, delays and inefficiencies advanced by citizens for access to health and social health services; Having acknowledged the increase in costs for the management of health and social-health expenditure decided by the government and the majority in the recent budget adjustment law;

Taking into account the persistence of the strong criticalities that are still found in the functioning of basic medicine, despite the activation of the COT, to which must be added an increasing discomfort on the part of some health professionals who work there, with evident negative repercussions on the quality of service;

In the light of the meeting between the Secretary of State Ciavatta and the Director General of the ISS Dr. Francesco Bevere and the representatives of the opposition parties, in which no lines of health policy have emerged that are useful for reversing the current situation;

Taking into account the positions expressed in the same meeting with respect to the hypothesis of extending the exercise of the free profession of ISS doctors also towards ISS patients, currently absolutely prohibited and, at the time, rightly opposed by the Network Movement of which the Secretary Ciavatta is part of and despite the fact that many of the waiting lists have grown considerably in recent times;

In light of the resolution of the State Congress n. 26 of 06/06/2022 which authorizes the financing of a further sum of € 30,000.00 to Ms. Sabina Conforti, in addition to the 106,000.00 approved in June 2020 to find financiers for the construction of the new hospital; the Government is asked to find out:

1. whether the Secretary of State for Health is considering a project for the reorganization and reorganization of basic medicine and, if so, whether there is the will to initiate, in a short time, a discussion in the appropriate forums such as the Council Commission IV ;

2. on the basis of what logics are we thinking of intervening on the rules that regulate the free profession of doctors, extending it also to ISS patients and if we do not believe that such a decision seriously endangers the stability of the public health system, in a moment of extreme fragility of the same;

3. a report of the work carried out and the results achieved, in the first two years of activity, by the Government consultant Ms Sabina Conforti to facilitate the finding of the sums necessary for the construction of the new hospital structure with the formula of project finance or public / private collaboration or in the form of a long-term loan at a favorable interest rate;

4. for what reasons it was decided to recognize an additional assignment for € 30,000.00 to the same, taking into account that the Secretary of State Ciavatta, on his trip to Dubai, personally carried out checks to find investors for the construction of the new hospital;

5. if it is believed that further allocations could be made in favor of Mrs. Conforti for the above-mentioned activity

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Free: we want to see clear on basic medicine, strange advice for the hospital and on the free profession Iss

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