From Allergan Aesthetics an academy for the training of aesthetic doctors

For a long time, aesthetic medicine has suffered from a distorted perception. It was associated with unnatural results that clashed with the concept of authentic beauty. Allergan Aesthetics, a division of AbbVie, has always been committed, especially in the last two years, to carry out an appropriate communication on the possibilities offered by aesthetic medicine. It is important to remember that aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine and as such can have a significant impact on people’s lives.

«Our commitment, through the motto “The Power of Confidence”, is to create a culture of trust towards solutions that can improve the perception of ourselves, but above all to underline how aesthetic medicine is able to enhance the unique and specific characteristics of each, well beyond the imposition of canons and stereotypes that today we can say are outdated also thanks to this new culture – explains Jelena Petrovic, managing director of Allergan Aesthetics Italia -. Through our social channels and events, we contribute to spreading knowledge about aesthetic medicine, to educate and to fuel a correct debate, inviting the public to consult with the expert doctor, the only reference person able to evaluate the treatment path most suitable for the patient.

This is why Allergan Medical Institute – AMI was established, a training academy that supports doctors in their clinical practice, with the aim of promoting excellence. With AMI it is possible to access practical exercises, online courses, webinars and conferences held by leading national and international experts. To date, more than 35 thousand doctors are registered on the AMI platform, of which 1,500 are the new registrations made between 2021-2022.

«In recent years, attention to aesthetic medicine has increased. In fact, our recent market research shows that as many as 94% of those interviewed in Italy would like to undergo an aesthetic medicine treatment to improve their physical condition – continues Petrovic -. With “The Future of Aesthetics”, our report on the trends that will guide aesthetic medicine over the next 5 years, we have found greater openness in telling friends and family about having undergone treatment from an aesthetic doctor. The patient knows what he wants and what results to obtain and for this reason he informs himself in advance. Hence, from this point of view, it is all the more important that companies convey correct information that helps the public to orient themselves in the right way. Not just the filling of a single wrinkle, but an evaluation of the face as a whole».

Allergan Aesthetics is present in more than 80 countries and develops, manufactures and markets a portfolio of aesthetic medicine brands and solutions for the treatment of the face, body and skin care. The company created the aesthetic medicine market about 30 years ago with the study of botulinum toxin for aesthetic use. The latest product launched is the first double-effect injectable facial filler, based on hyaluronic acid, the main component of each formulation, and calcium hydroxyapatite to stimulate collagen production.

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From Allergan Aesthetics an academy for the training of aesthetic doctors

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