From the indoor gym to the shuttle to the station: employee requests to return to the office

from Gino Pagliuca

The studio of Gruppo Sarpi and Confesercenti: this is what an office complex in the suburbs needs to be attractive. “In this way, decentralized areas can be relaunched”

Stay in the office for five days a week after trying it smart working it is no longer as it used to be. Companies are realizing this, and they have understood how the quality of life of those who work for them is also an excellent business deal because the employee satisfied with the working environment is more efficientand this was understood by the real estate funds that manage the large tertiary complexes located outside the top areas, which in Milan are obviously the historic center and, beyond the Cerchia, the area between via Turati, piazza Repubblica and Porta Nuova.

The costs of rents

In these areas the large empty tertiary surfaces are very rare and are not for everyone since rents exceed 600 euros per square meter
per year (i.e. 5 thousand euros per month every 100 meters). If we go in the suburbs or in the hinterland the situation changes, vacancy is high (10.6 percent in Milan in the first quarter of 2022 according to Bnp Real Estate, but outside the city the figure is certainly worse) and for those who have large surfaces to rent, the significantly lower price of rents is not enough to entice potential tenants .

The studio: which are the attractive offices

An interesting study on 700 employees of companies with offices of at least 5 thousand square meters carried out by the Sarpi Group and Confesercenti can help to understand that what does a decentralized office complex need to be attractive. In general, the fundamental request is to optimize the times of the day. The most felt need (three quarters of the answers) is that of a company shuttle connecting to the nearest railway or underground station. A solution that allows you to kill three birds with one stone: you save time, save on fuel and protect the environment. Almost equally felt (68 percent of cases) the need to have a space to consume food within the complex (in short, the classic canteen) or outside with take away, while 64 per cent would also like a coffee area that is not limited to the space of vending machines. Sandwich and salad bar are not very popular. The sample interviewed in the research is rather dynamic because two out of three would also appreciate a gym space not necessarily foreclosed on outside the company. Less interest in other services presented in the questionnaire, such as the guesthouse (very useful in any case for employees on business trips and for the company that would not be forced to reimburse the rents), the internal supermarket, the school for the children, which obviously makes sense if the office is at a reasonably short distance from the home. In perspective, Emanuele Barbera, president of Sarpi underlines, “we can think about the revitalization of entire peripheral areas by creating headquarter where the person finds everything he needs. For the large empty tertiary buildings there is no alternative, because transforming them into residences is almost impossible from the point of view of urban planning regulations “.

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From the indoor gym to the shuttle to the station: employee requests to return to the office

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