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Food alert for a well-known cheese that is inside the fridge, full of bacteria and dangerous as recalled by the Ministry of Health. What to do and how to behave?

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The work of the Ministry of Health, which prepares sweeping checks on food products and more. Sometimes there are only warnings for non-communication of the ingredients in place, or for substances that can cause possible allergies up to real food warnings that are dangerous for the health of human beings.

The last reminder is a real alert that recommends attention, because the cheese in question is full of bacteria.

Reports from the Ministry of Health

The reports by the Ministry of Health are on the agenda, precisely because the checks are daily in order to preserve everyone’s health. It wasn’t long ago that the Riunione brand surimi sticks were recalled as a precaution. possible presence of allergens.

Cheese forms
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Then there are packages that can have a different label, as happened to Mari Freddi Luxus pickled shrimps. Even one of the best known international soft drinks was stapled by the Ministry of Health, with the withdrawal of the Zero because with the presence of sugars not reported on the label.

In short, between allergens – wrong labels and ingredients not reported, the work of the Ministry of Health is long and important. Just in these hours there has been yet another report for a well-known cheese.

Cheese withdrawn by the Ministry of Health
Cheese withdrawn by the Ministry of Health-NanoPress.it

Cheese food alert known: full of bacteria

The food alert it concerns a well-known cheese and its withdrawal, and it is milk that is the protagonist of this story. The motivation released is “recall for microbiological risk”.

It is a recall and withdrawal done as a precaution because it is connected to an alleged presence of bacteria that are harmful to humans. We are talking about maccagno cheese, a dairy product that is prepared in semi-cooked paste.

Its name takes its production area, that is the Alpe Maccagno a beautiful and well-known mountain pasture in Valsesia. The withdrawn product is that of Antoniotti Michaela’s company.

Lotto and how to proceed

The lot reported is 2/7 of the Velio Casale Montuccia plant. All people who bought the cheese reported in the second week of July will have to stop eating cheese immediately because the bacterium Escherichia Coli may be present – rich in toxins that are dangerous for humans. Contact the point of sale and ask if you need to bring the cheese back or get instructions – but don’t consume the cheese in any case product stored in the fridge.

Recall of the Ministry of Health
Call of the Ministry of Health-NanoPress.it

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“Full of bacteria”, food alert: this cheese is very dangerous | Your favorite

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