Glyphosphate again under accusation, research shows serious damage to the brain, here is what diseases can arise

Cancer, effects on DNA and now also brain damage. The latest studies on glyphosphate confirm the danger of the well-known herbicide.

And the notoriety of this chemical substance it is certainly not positive. For many years, experts from all over the world have been warning about the dangers of glyphosphate. But it seems that no one is “listening”. Will it happen at least with the results of the latest study? There discovery.

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The Glyphosphateas we know, is a herbicide used a lot in crops. Since the 70’s. If in those days there could have been a lack of knowledge of possible harmful effects, today we can no longer ignore the results of so many researches.

Multiple reality, experts and researchers have produced “evidence” that the herbicide is bad for human health. Despite this, this chemical is still considered “not dangerous” and the authorization for its use is extended from year to year. And let’s talk about Europenot of underdeveloped countries.

In the United States alone, farmers use over 113 million kilograms of glyphosate every year

It appears that the results of the various Education scientists do not have enough “convincing power” at the authorities who have to decide if the Glyphosphate should be banned or not. Such as Efsa and Echa. But perhaps the latest research will bring that extra piece that will allow better evaluate the consequences on health resulting from the use of the herbicide.

Glyphosphate causes brain damage, the discovery

The neurodegenerative diseases are increasing more and more throughout the world. Scientists know that their emergence can be given by genetic predispositions. But also by determined ones lifestyles And contact with harmful substances.

And the Glyphosphate is one of those substances held responsible to cause serious damage to health. Especially of those who come into direct contact with it. That is to say the crop workers who spread it. But if these people are the most exposed, even i end consumers risk. Because the substance remains in the finished product. And it affects the organism via ingestion.

Sure we talk about few tracesis always within the limits established by law. But the effects of one constant and prolonged exposure to substances such as glyphosphate may cause damage important to health. Still, the studies supporting this are not considered comprehensive enough.

The last one studyHowever, seems to leave no room for doubt. It’s about a Research carried out by Arizona State University, the results of which were published in Journal of Neuroinflammation.

There experimentation concerned i rats. They received” doses of glyphosphate equal to those of those who work in the fields and use it. Without going into technical details that are difficult to understand for non-experts, we report some passages of the study.

Our analysis revealed that glyphosphate infiltrated the brain in a dose-dependent manner and upregulated TNFα in both plasma and brain tissue after exposure.. […] These results show for the first time that glyphosphate infiltrates the brain, elevates both TNFα and soluble Aβ expression, and disrupts the transcriptome in a dose-dependent manner, suggesting that exposure to this herbicide may have detrimental health outcomes. of the general population“.

In particular correlations have emerged with brain damage that would trigger diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. And many others, since the common point among all is a ‘major inflammation at the origin.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and concerns scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it does not replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist, and should not be considered for formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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Glyphosphate again under accusation, research shows serious damage to the brain, here is what diseases can arise

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