Headache, dizziness and ringing in the ears could be the alarm bells of this disease that could cause various problems

Sometimes a minimum of discomfort is enough to alarm us and create deep concerns about our health. Many other times, however, some signals could pass on the sly and not make us grasp the real extent of the problem. This is why it would be good practice to undergo medical check-ups on a frequent basis. In this way, they can identify ailments and treat them, or reassure themselves about their unfounded worries. Headaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears are quite common sensations that almost everyone will have experienced. Often, however, their nature may be less mundane than you think.

A bone problem

Hearing problems and headaches could be traced back to extensive growth of the bones that make up the skull. This could also irreparably compromise hearing. This situation would be the consequence of a particular disease that could also affect other parts of our body.

Like another pathology that would involve the sore back in the morning, it could also rage on the spine, as well as on the pelvis and legs. Depending on the affected area, the symptoms vary. The general ones, however, would be pain in the bones and joints, often accompanied by swelling and stiffness. Numbness and tingling may also occur, as well as difficulty moving a certain part of the body.

What has been stated so far would be among the spies of Paget’s disease. The latter, however, could also present itself in asymptomatic form, but it would still be not to be underestimated.

Headache, dizziness and ringing in the ears could be the alarm bells of this disease that could cause various problems

Paget’s disease is a disease of the bones, specifically it would concern their regeneration. In fact, the cells involved in this process would produce new bone in much less time than normal. The result would be larger but also weaker bones. Paget’s disease is more likely to affect after age 40 and could result from genetic and environmental factors.

The consequence of this disease would be first of all the increased possibility of bone fractures. However, it could also lead to bone deformations, such as arching the spine and causing scoliosis.

As opposed to osteoporosis, where one tries to absorb more calciumExcess calcium may also occur with Paget’s disease. It would be the so-called hypercalcemia, the cause of various types of illness. The most serious risk, however, could be that of cardiac arrest. In fact, the quickly regenerated bone could contain more blood vessels and this could make the heart wheeze.

If you suspect that you suffer from Paget’s disease, therefore, it will be good to contact a doctor to do all the necessary checks.

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Headache, dizziness and ringing in the ears could be the alarm bells of this disease that could cause various problems

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