High blood pressure, beware of the phantom smell: it can be a prelude to dangerous situations

High blood pressure can trigger the so-called “phantom odor”. If it does, there could be serious consequences.

There are many situations to which we must pay attention. Over time, have ahigh blood pressure it can degenerate very significantly. In fact, the percentage of individuals with this problem has definitely increased. Which does not leave you calm at all. According to some studies, however, more and more people have admitted to smelling strange smells. Let’s go and see the details of a very delicate situation.


According to some studies, i olfactory changes they are common in individuals with high blood pressure. However, this indicator is a major cause of stroke. L’stroke, in this regard, it is known to alter all the senses, especially taste and smell. By connecting our speech with the changes in smell, many have noticed the emergence of what has been defined as “phantom smell“.

In short, “phantom odor” occurs when an individual smells something that is not actually there. The platform Jama explains this perception as an olfactory disturbance in which the smell is heard but without any stimulus. There is, therefore, an imbalance of neural signaling. Let’s go and see when this disorder can manifest itself and if there are remedies.

High blood pressure, phantom odor: the cases

A 2020 study published in the journal Laryngoscope revealed that the stroke was linked to a higher percentage of 76% in reference to the phantom odor. But that’s not all, as another study revealed the individuals most at risk. They are the people with diabetes, cholesterol high and, in fact, high pressure.

The researchers also discovered how individuals suffering from hypertension had higher frequency to perceive this phantom odor. The comparison, to keep in mind, was made with people who did not have hypertension problems. The same experts who, as reported by theExpress, have revealed that there is a three times greater probability. This occurs in individuals aged 60 and over with diabetes and with a treatment that includes both insulin and oral medications.

Especially for high blood pressure, you have to change it lifestyle. With all the necessary modifications. But food can also help. Especially recommended are those that contain nitrates. The same, various studies suggest, appear to relieve acute symptoms of hypertension. In fact, these allow the arterial walls to relax so that blood flows through the veins. In this regard, the British Heart Foundation states that nitrates widen or relax arteries and veins. Not only of the heart but also of other areas of the body.

In short, high blood pressure is certainly a problem that should not be underestimated. Especially when the phantom smell shows up. Furthermore, the High blood pressure has doubled risks during the night than the day.

The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only. The data reported relate to scientific studies reported in medical journals. Therefore, they do not in any way replace the consultation of a doctor or specialist. Furthermore, they should not be considered when making diagnoses or treatments.

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High blood pressure, beware of the phantom smell: it can be a prelude to dangerous situations

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