How to keep the brain always active? Here is the spice that’s right for you

Paying attention to lifestyle and diet is essential for taking care of your body. And it is important to train and stimulate our brain too.

Taking care of your body, along with the mind, is essential for our health. Feeling good in this regard also helps to maintain a good mood.

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The main advice is have a healthy lifestylebe active, and an equally healthy and varied diet. In this way it will be possible to avoid the development of various diseases and pathologies which, in addition to affecting our body, could damage our mental health.

And it is also important take care in your own brain. The latter also undergoes a decline, like the body, over the years. You will tend to find it harder and harder to remember appointments or events or to learn something new.

It’s normal: the brain, with the passage of time, becomes less and less reactive. Therefore we must always keep him fit and subject him to continuous stimuli.

Traveling, doing crosswords, reading, learning a new language, walking and going to the cinema or the theater are excellent strategies to stimulate our brain. To these, a healthy diet is added. In particular, it is necessary to reduce sugars and fats, along with alcohol consumption and smoking.

Vegetables help strengthen memory: broccoli, cabbage and cruciferous vegetables in general contain sulforaphane – which, among other properties, protects the body against neurodegenerative diseases. But, in addition to vegetables, there is a spice that can reduce bad cholesterol and the damage caused by aging.

What is curcumin

In traditional medicine, the use of spices is intended to cure various diseases. And even in modern medicine the topic has begun to be explored, given their beneficial properties.

The spice we will talk about here is the curcumin. Yellow compound extracted from Curcuma longa species, it is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine – that is, the one belonging to the Indian tradition since ancient times and still widespread today – due to its antioxidant, cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. But also hepato-protective, antirheumatic and antineoplastic.

In recent times, scholars have analyzed the effects of its application against aging and age-associated diseases.

One of the main causes of aging and related diseases is oxidative stress. Curcumin is able to act on different proteins in our body, counteracting oxidative stress. In addition, in the brain, curcumin is able to modulate inflammation caused by microglia.

Curcumin (web source)
Curcumin (web source)

The benefits of the spice don’t end there. Curcumin is rich in fiber that can lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. For this reason it should be included in one’s diet, as an enrichment for dishes.

In order to increase its bioavailability, you can add some black pepper ground, or consume it together with extra virgin olive oil. These ingredients, in fact, have an amplifying effect on the activity of curcumin.

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How to keep the brain always active? Here is the spice that’s right for you

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