How to lose weight without a diet thanks to 15 fantastic low calorie foods that satiate but do not gain weight

Is it possible to eat plenty, lose weight and preserve your health? Absolutely, if you know which foods to eat. With the arrival of summer, in the throes of anxiety caused by the fateful costume test, many launch themselves on restrictive, almost punitive, dietary regimes. This is not only bad for your health, it is also counterproductive.

It is well known that fasting and strict diets brutally slow down the metabolism, which in this way finds it difficult to burn the calories ingested, with the effect of nullifying any diet.

And it is a dog that eats its own tail, because the more the metabolism slows down, the more we tend to scourge ourselves with diets that no longer have anything healthy or pleasant, perpetuating the damage.

Knowing how to lose weight without a diet is useful for feeling good about yourself and others without suffering and without penalizing yourself on vacation.

Being fit doesn’t have to be yet another torture to undergo. Especially if this ends up ruining the longed-for vacation days.

Fortunately, there are diets that allow you to eat adequately, without going hungry and without giving up a whim.

This is because by eating foods with an almost zero calorie intake, it allows you to compensate on the other side. So you don’t have to miss out on a single happy hour.

How to lose weight without a diet thanks to 15 fantastic low calorie foods that satiate but do not gain weight

Including these 15 low-calorie dishes in your daily diet means losing weight without realizing it. The French understood this by presenting a beautiful and fresh salad as an appetizer. This custom is quite clever: starting lunch with raw vegetables, even in pinzimonio, means filling up with water and fiber immediately.

This allows you to avoid bingeing on more fat and caloric courses later, but to taste them in smaller portions all the same.

While some of these foods have a small amount of calories in them, the trick is that the body has to spend a lot more on gastric processes to digest them.

This slimming effect is mostly achieved with oily fish and lean meats, such as chicken or turkey, or particular roots.

Shirataky noodles instead of pasta

These typically oriental noodles are similar to local tagliolini, but are made from the root of Konjac, rich in glucomannan. A rice substitute is also produced with the same raw material. It is a soluble fiber that absorbs a lot of water, which is why this food is absolutely low-calorie and satiating.

Furthermore, courgettes, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and asparagus cannot be missing from a low-calorie diet. In general, crucifers, i.e. all vegetables belonging to the cabbage families, are satiating, rich in water, fiber, antioxidants and folic acid.

As a condiment it is advisable to use mustard instead of oil: it flavors with an extremely lower caloric load than lipids. Spices are also an excellent solution to enrich the taste without increasing fat. Perfect for summer are melon, peaches and watermelons. They moisturize and are rich in vitamins, while providing a minimal amount of sugar.

Therefore, by replacing traditional carbohydrates with Konjac-based ones and giving ample space to seasonal vegetables, getting in shape last minute will be a pleasure.

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How to lose weight without a diet thanks to 15 fantastic low calorie foods that satiate but do not gain weight

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