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C.How to stay active even on vacation without a gym and fitness classes? Here are the strategies to follow. So you will also prevent joint pains

Simple strategies to do on vacation to stay active and prevent joint pain

Especially on vacation, when you have more free time to rest and disconnect from everyday stress, it is important not to spend most of the day just lying by the sea, sitting at the table, at the bar or on a bench in the cool.

Even on vacation you have to try to stay active, move regularly can bring several benefits, including:

  • maintain a healthy weight despite a few more snags
  • improve brain activity
  • strengthen the muscles
  • reduce and prevent joint pain
  • improve the overall flexibility of the body
  • boost the immune system
  • improve the cardiovascular system
  • sleep better

How to stay active even on vacation without a gym and fitness classes?

There are a variety of fun and easy ways to stay active even while on vacation, away from home or places to exercise. So what are the best ways to stay active while on vacation?


There walk it’s a great way to get your whole body moving without any special effort or fitness knowledge. Aim for 5,000 ai 10,000 steps per day and, if you have no way of counting the steps, walk for 40 to 60 minutes, you can also divide the steps or the duration of the walk at different times of the day. If you don’t choose an active vacation that includes excursions, visits, etc., put a timer on your mobile to schedule a morning or afternoon walk.

Try to use the car as little as possible and to reach the destinations (beach, mountains, lakes) if they are within your reach, using only your legs. If you walk alone, listen to good music or audio books. Always remember not to neglect safety, do not venture into places or paths that can be dangerous. If you do sports walking at a fast pace and not a simple walk, always use tennis shoes and not slippers.

Go cycling

If you have the possibility to rent a bicycle or have a bicycle while on vacation, choose to travel by bicycle. In this way, in addition to reaching the places to visit more quickly, you will have many other benefits. Always remember not to neglect safety even on vacation, so always use tennis shoes to have the most stable foot on the pedal.

Swim in the sea, in the pool or do water aerobics

If you have chosen the sea as a destination for your vacation, walk or swim in the sea or in the pool. If you are lucky enough to be a village where the program also includes water aerobics lessons in the pool, why not take the opportunity to move your whole body in the water to the rhythm of music with the guidance of an instructor.

Go hiking in the mountains, to the lake or to tourist towns

If you have chosen the mountains, the lake or the cities of art as your holiday destination, take this moment to walk and admire the beauties of nature and art. Even if your walking pace will not be fast and maybe even with stops, don’t worry you will still have added steps to your day.

Practice tennis

If near your holiday resort you learn that there are tennis courts, why not try taking some tennis lessons on holiday. Even if you are not an expert try some lessons anyway, maybe you will like it and at the same time you will train your whole body in a complete way.

Do some stretching, yoga, or pilates a couple of times a week

In the evening at sunset or during the warm hours if you don’t want to stay in the sun, take yourself to a cool place and practice some exercises. stretching, yoga you hate pilates. 20-30 minutes can be enough to relieve tension and pain. If you already have your own training routine, practice those, otherwise look at some easy exercises proposed on the web that do not require particular fitness skills or technical knowledge. And if in your village they practice some physical activity with an instructor, why not take advantage of it even just a couple of times a week.

Walk the dog

If you brought yours too dogtake it for a walk at least a couple of times during the day, it will still allow you to stay active.

Play with your children or grandchildren

On vacation you find yourself in company for days with the grandchildren or you have to manage your children for whole days who, maybe you don’t normally do it because you work for a good part of the day. Take advantage of that time in their company to move as much as possible and play with them in the park, on the beach, in the water, etc …


Remember that you are on vacation, so take the time to rest, to do the things you enjoy and to be in the company of loved ones, but don’t forget that you also need to move your body. It’s okay to disconnect from the usual daily fitness routine, but it’s also not okay to spend the whole vacation lazing around with dolce far niente.

Thanks to our advice you will be able to enjoy your holiday and still remain active in a simple and stress-free way.

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How to stay active on vacation: exercises and strategies | Modern Woman

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