If you can do this number of push ups, you are in good health according to science

According to Harvard doctors, being able to do a certain amount of push-ups (push-ups) is a sign of good heart health. The magic number is …

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How to predict the health of our heart? There is a simple way: just do a few push ups for the pectorals (also called, erroneously, push-ups, ed). In fact, a recent study finds that men who manage to make at least a certain number of them below, they appear to be far less likely to suffer from heart disease over the next 10 years. How many push ups?

push ups and men’s heart health

According to researchers from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health the magic number is 40Middle-aged men who manage to complete 40 push-ups in one attempt would have a 96% reduced risk of developing disorders such as heart failure, compared to those who cannot complete 10 push-ups. With a premise: the study examined middle-aged men in active occupations, so the results should not be taken into consideration for women, less active men or men of different ages.

push ups and heart disease: the study

For their research, the authors looked at health data from 1,104 male and physically active firefighters from 2000 to 2010, who at the start of the study were around 40 years old on average and had an average BMI of 28. 7. Participants were instructed to perform as many push-ups as possible. The researchers also tested their resistance on the treadmill and later divided them into 5 groups based on the number of pushups completed, with increments of 10 pushups for each category.

After 10 years, 37 of the participants showed signs of a heart disease-related condition. The surprising thing is 36 of them hadn’t been able to complete more than 10 push ups (the results of the test on the treadmill, on the other hand, did not show many differences compared to the diagnoses of heart disease, ed). The researchers also found that increasing the ability to do more push-ups decreased the risk of heart disease. “The results provide evidence that the ability to do push ups could be a simple and free method to help assess the risk of cardiovascular disease in almost any context, “says study author Justin Yang, a researcher in occupational medicine at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.” And, surprisingly, the ability to do a certain number of push-ups is associated with risk of cardiovascular disease more than tests on Tapis Roulant“.


So, being able to do 40 push-ups avoids the risk of heart disease? Not really. The same researchers warn that The study results do not support push-up ability as a surefire predictor of heart disease risk. Furthermore, the study cohort was composed of middle-aged men in professional activity, therefore the results cannot be extended to the other sex and other groups such as elderly or inactive people, to different professional groups or unemployed, but “further studies to examine the association between push-up ability and the incidence of heart disease in a more general population of middle-aged men, as well as among the elderly and women ”.

In any case, the researchers remain of the opinion that being able to perform a number of push ups greater than 10 is associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular events among active adult men. Therefore, even if more research is needed, doctors could take this into account, among different indicators, to assess the functional status of patients’ hearts.

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If you can do this number of push ups, you are in good health according to science

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