If you have red eyes from the sea, use this quick and ingenious remedy

If you have red eyes from the sea, it means that they were irritated by the salt and the air at the same time. It happens more often than you think because the eyes are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and to some irritants such as the salt contained in sea water. Usually, the redness disappears within a few hours but we can always speed up the process by adopting ingenious solutions.

When does the red eye phenomenon occur? When the blood vessels in our eyes become more visible and appear to be filled with blood, we speak of “red eyes”. In most cases this happens when we are tired but it can also be due to other causes, such as an irritation from salt.

In any case, we need not worry because they are temporary manifestations that disappear within a few hours. If the eyes are red more often than necessary or at every sun exposure then it would be good to consult a doctor to understand if it is a problem of high sensitization or some other hidden pathology.

The best home remedies for red eyes

Upon returning from the sea we must decongest the eyelids with warm water and a mild soap or eye make-up remover, so as to eliminate any residual sand. Then, apply cold water compresses or chilled spoons to the eyes using cotton pads soaked in cold water.

These help reduce redness and inflammation. We can prepare the discs soaked in water already in the morning so that they can be placed on the eyes in the evening when returning from the sea. Always remember to rinse your face first so that it is perfectly clean of any possible residue. A valid solution is also to alternate hot and cold water packs: hot water opens the blood vessels and drains excess blood; cold water closes them. This eliminates redness and sleeps better.

Remedies with some natural products

To get rid of the redness from the eyes there is also the aloe vera gel: a natural anti-inflammatory agent useful for soothing irritated eyes. The same way chamomile works. Just infuse 2-3 sachets of chamomile in hot water, let it cool, and then use it as an eye pack.

We don’t have aloe or chamomile gel? Papaya contains enzymes that help reduce swelling and redness caused by infections. We apply some papaya pulp on the eyes and let it act for at least a quarter of an hour before rinsing. Hot and cold water: Alternate hot and cold water when you are in bed. Hot water opens blood vessels and causes excess blood to drain; cold water closes them. This eliminates redness and sleeps better.

Using eye drops can help reduce redness and irritation of the eyes. It is important to use the correct type of eye drops for your condition. Finally, if we really see red eyes for more than 2-3 days, it is best to go to the doctor and undergo a thorough eye exam.

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If you have red eyes from the sea, use this quick and ingenious remedy

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