IMAT: 5 good reasons to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine in English

Friday 8 July 2022 – 11:32 am

IMAT: 5 good reasons to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine in English

According to Cambridge University Press & Assessment

IMAT: 5 good reasons to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine in English

Rome, July 8 – At the beginning of July, the new MIUR call for the International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) was published, the test to access Medicine and Surgery courses in English developed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Cambridge University Press & Assessment , the new brand born from the union of Cambridge Assessment, the certification body of the English language, and Cambridge University Press, the organization for publishing activities. During the summer, students will be able to register for the test, which will be held on 13 September simultaneously nationally and internationally.

“Undertaking a university course in English is a great opportunity for Italian students who dream of an international career and for foreigners who want to train in Medicine in Italian universities with the highest educational standards”, says Nick Beer, director of Cambridge University. Press & Assessment for Italy. “The test is expected every year by thousands of people, in 2021 for example it was taken by over 9,000 students, and the next call will be no exception”.

For all students who are thinking of enrolling in the Faculty of Medicine in English, pending the MIUR decree, Cambridge University Press & Assessment shares 5 good reasons to undertake this academic path and thus bet on their future.

It opens more doors from a business point of view. Choosing a course of study in English, in this case that of Medicine and Surgery, allows you to aim for an international career and to seize many more opportunities from the working point of view. In fact, working abroad as a doctor is also possible with a degree obtained in Italian, but having attended a course of study in English facilitates the process and insertion into the world of work.

It does not preclude the exercise of the profession in Italy. If it is true that the Medicine course in English was created with the intention of offering a wider job offer to Italian students, it is also true that it does not exclude the possibility of practicing the medical profession in Italy. The course is in fact recognized throughout the Peninsula, thus placing itself not as a limit, but as an added value.

Facilitates the update process. In Medicine, updating is essential and the study does not end with the graduation or with the completion of the internship and specialization. Often, however, updates and scientific literature are distributed in English: having followed the courses in the language therefore allows you to immediately learn the technical terms and to catch up more easily with the latest news.

The number of students is small. Compared to the courses in Italian, those in English usually have a reduced number of students and enrolled students, who are consequently more followed by teachers. Moreover, thanks to less competition, international exchanges and internships are also easier and quicker to access.

The preparation of the teachers is international. In the Medicine course in English it is more common to meet professors with long international experience or from other countries. This factor has a positive influence not only on language learning, but also on the new and diversified teaching methodologies implemented by the teachers themselves.


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IMAT: 5 good reasons to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine in English

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