In Sant’Angelo inauguration for a “sprint” municipal pharmacy

In Sant'Angelo inauguration for a

The ribbon cutting Saturday at the municipal pharmacy of Sant’Angelo (Agosti)

  • Monday 12 September 2022

Redeveloped premises and new services on site, also inside the “Unicef ​​corner”

An interior redeveloped pharmacy, pready to guarantee new services. But always and in any case at the service of the citizen. On Saturday morning, after a month of redevelopment works, the ribbon cutting was held in Sant’Angelo. The municipal pharmacy had already reopened on Thursday, but Saturday was an opportunity to show everyone how beautiful it has been done. An exciting day for the entire ASC Board led by Alberto Bertoli, flanked by councilors Camilla Zanoni and Franca Bocchiola. «We want and must continue to be a point of reference – said Bertoli -. Inside the pharmacy there is a corner dedicated to Unicef ​​products, something that should be taken up not only on the territory but also throughout Italy ». «We are not talking about a simple restructuring, but a change of pace – added Zanoni -. We have many projects in the pipeline, which are ready to go or which we will prepare. This is only a first step for the neighborhood and for the whole city ».

Surely the next few months will see a new construction site in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II under the “signature” of Assc. Right above the municipal pharmacy, where some apartments will be refurbished to accommodate medical clinics that will be active from the first quarter of 2023. “The emotion of President Bertoli is certainly a sign of great satisfaction for what has been done – began Mayor Maurizio Villa , recalling the work done in recent months by the administration to find an agreement with Ats to have a pediatrician in the city -. Since his inauguration eight months ago we had talked about an improvement in things, and this is the direction we are taking. Precisely this step of the medical, local and specialist studies is a further step forward ». At the inauguration, which was attended by administrators, from the council to the representatives of the minority, from senator Luigi Augussori to the regional councilor Selene Pravettoni passing through the provincial fire brigade commander Giuseppe Di Maria, to intervene, before the blessing of the parish priest Don Angelo Manfredi , was Gianpaolo Pedrazzini, Lombard vice president of Unicef ​​and head of the Lodigiana section. «Here you will find a concrete way to help and support what we are doing – he explained, then donating a pigotta to the director Antonella Caparello-. A large space that we can only thank for the perfect example of collaboration ». The director himself wanted to thank the whole team of the municipal pharmacy, reiterating how the dispensary is a heritage of all and a meeting point, while Erminio Avogadri, president of Sviluppo Santangiolino, recalled how the approval of the municipal council for the construction of the pharmacy took place in 1956, “because we cannot forget who put the first seed“.


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In Sant’Angelo inauguration for a “sprint” municipal pharmacy

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