Influence. Simg: “Epidemic is already at a high level and the vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly”

The warning comes from the family doctors of the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care on the eve of their 39th national congress. “The data relating to this first phase of the flu indicate an incidence rate already at 6.6 per thousand, with peaks of almost 20 per thousand in children up to 5 years of age”.


22 NOV

We are still in November but the flu data is already causing concern. The vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly and could become an amplifier of this trend. This is the figure that comes from the 39th Congress of the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care, held from 24 to 26 November in Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso, with online sessions that will continue until 31 December.

“This year the flu epidemic has already reached high levels – he underlines Alexander Rossi, SIMG Infectious Disease Area Manager – The cases that we family doctors have encountered are numerous, especially in the youth population and in children. The first signs lead us to reasonably assume that it will be a challenging epidemic: in fact, current numbers show that we are already at the advanced stage level of last year’s flu epidemic. We must therefore undertake to protect the fragile population by extending the vaccination campaign, targeting above all the over 65s, those affected by co-morbidities and immunocompromised subjects, which can have consequences on hospitalizations and deaths. We must equip the clinics, administer the vaccines appropriately and overcome the hesitations. Our role as figures who garner the trust of patients charges us with the responsibility of making people understand that it is a garrison of public health and individual health at the same time. We must commit ourselves between now and the coming weeks, also taking the opportunity to propose co-administration: the flu vaccine, in fact, can act as a driver for the booster dose against COVID-19 and for other coverage against viral or bacterial infections with serious consequences such as pneumococcus or Herpes Zoster, which pose a threat to a fragile population”.

The worrying data on the flu “The data relating to influenza in these first weeks of November indicate an incidence rate which has already risen to 6.6 per thousand inhabitants, with peaks of 19.6 per thousand in the pediatric population aged 0 to 5, which is the most affected and which acts as the main source of spread of the infection in the population – highlights Prof. Paul Bonanni, Member of the SItI ‘Vaccines and Vaccination Policies’ group who participated in a recent session of the SIMG Congress – Today we are at a level of incidence that is usually found around the first week of January: we are almost 2 months early. This doesn’t mean that we should have a similar trend to what we would have in January, but it’s still a cause for alarm, and it’s an invitation to proceed with vaccinations as soon as possible. In this first phase we have encountered a slowness in joining. Yet the forecasts for the flu do not bode well: not only has the epidemic curve already started to rise significantly, but due to the limited circulation in the last two years, the diffusion could be higher than in the pre-pandemic years, while the The abandonment of distancing measures could favor the spread of all respiratory tract infections, such as influenza, COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus”.

November 22, 2022
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Influence. Simg: “Epidemic is already at a high level and the vaccination campaign is proceeding slowly”

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