Insomnia, the reason why you can’t sleep easily solved

The cause of insomnia can be a habitual practice whose dangerousness is ignored. Knowing it you can sleep peacefully.

Not being able to sleep without understanding why can freak out. However, solving the problem is often easier than you think.

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Spend the nights with eyes open staring at the ceiling failing to fall into a deep sleep. People suffering from insomnia are more and more numerous and the reasons for the difficulty encountered are predominantly psychological. Fears and anxiety have reached amplified levels with the pandemic. Fear of one’s own health and that of loved ones, the deaths, restrictions and isolations they have profoundly marked the psyche of children, teenagers and adults. Now the consequences are being paid which often result in the difficulty of falling asleep. Then there was the fear of a global conflict with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The run to the bunkers and the assault on the supermarket shelves in March they are clear proof that anxiety never leaves us. Living in this constant state of distress it is easy to understand why you don’t sleep at night. Who remains colder and more aloof e live a peaceful lifeon the other hand, it can struggle to understand the reason for their insomnia.

Insomnia and drugs, there is a correlation

There are many reasons for insomnia. The high night temperatures, a heavy dinner to digest or the medicines you take. Some drugs, in fact, negatively affect the quality of night’s rest. First of all medicines anti-depressants which lead to restless sleep and frequent nocturnal awakenings. An estimated 10/20% of patients taking fluoxetine, sertraline or paroxetine with insomnia problems.

The alpha blockers, high blood pressure medications, have an unfavorable effect on night rest, disturbing precisely during the REM phase, that of the deepest sleep. Likewise, corticosteroids while fighting inflammation they can produce nightmares and nocturnal awakenings.

Other medicines that disturb sleep

In the long list of medicines that disturb sleep we add laxatives. The effect will be felt during the night and you will be forced to get up to satisfy the urgent need. Finally, they act on the brain and metabolism supplements with stimulating effects that should never be taken before going to bed. The energizing action could last a long time and put you through a sleepless night.

In conclusion, it is good to avoid taking the drugs listed in order not to worsen the quality of sleep. We remember, in fact, that chronic or sporadic insomnia ruins the heart rhythm and causes serious psycho-physical consequences. Not resting well entails, in fact, one increased production of cortisol that is the stress hormone and generates fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

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Insomnia, the reason why you can’t sleep easily solved

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