Is the absence of the chip on the health cards really as bad as it may seem?

The absence of the chip on health cards has now been ascertained but do the forecasts on the inconvenience that will be created have a grain of truth or are they exaggerated?

The health card cannot be used as a National Service Card if the microchip is missing. Is this statement correct?

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Due to the pandemic first and the conflict in Ukraine later, the microchip production is lacking and the new health cards could not be equipped with the recognition system. There is a lack of supplies of neon, palladium and C4F6; the demands increase while the supply decreases with the consequence of having to deprive the citizens of an important element. We are not talking with a single reference to health cards. Semiconductors also serve for ATMs, credit cards and electronic identity cards. A general unease, therefore, which many announce as an imminent catastrophe for the entire nation. But what is the truth?

Health cards such as CNS, the source of the problem

The absence of the microchip on the health card will result difficulties in accessing telematic services for those who use the document as a National Service Card. This is the news that has been reaching the ears of citizens for a few weeks, drawing an exaggerated alarmist picture.

The health card is for book medical examinations, certify the right to benefits from the NHS, buy drugs in agreement and certify the right to health care in the European Union. In addition, the TS incorporates an additional service, that of the National Service Card. By incorporating the digital certificates complete with the holder’s tax code, it allows access to various services of the Public Administration. The CNS represents, in fact, a digital credential like the SPID and the Electronic Identity Card. To use the TS as a CNS – completely optional service – the holder must send a request for activation of the Card by going to the competent territorial offices and acquiring a PIN and PUK.

If CNS is optional when does the discomfort arise?

Activation of the Health Card as a National Service Card is optional and not essential as is the SPID. One wonders, therefore, where the concern comes from alarmist of the last few weeks. The problem is particularly felt in the Regions, such as Lombardy and Tuscany, where one has been given to citizens Regional Service Card based on CNS technology to be used exclusively to access online visit booking services, to purchase drugs and so on.

Now, if the new card does not have a microchip and, therefore, cannot be used as a CNS, how will residents in high-tech Regions access the health system? There are alternatives and the inconvenience will be minimal. Online visit booking systems they also accept SPID or CIE or the card codes.

As regards the management systems for the separate collection of municipalities that only use the CNS as an identification system they will be updated as soon as possible to allow different access. Finally, it is granted the extension of the health card with expiring microchip to continue using it until December 31, 2023.

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Is the absence of the chip on the health cards really as bad as it may seem?

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