It takes 11 minutes of training 3 times a week to keep you fit and healthy!

To keep you fit and healthy, just 11 minutes of bodyweight training 3 times a week would be enough: science says it.

If you don’t like long training sessions and often don’t engage in physical activity due to lack of time, there is good news. According to science, in fact, 11 minutes of training three times a week would be enough to keep fit and healthy.

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The data emerge from research that would show that theideal bodyweight training consists of an 11-minute exercise session. To improve your level just do it 3 times a week.

However, the rule to be respected is to try to always give your best, taking training as a challenge to yourself. Let’s find out what it consists of and what are the exercises to do.

That’s why 11 minutes of training are enough to keep fit

If you want to firm up your body but don’t know where to start, you may want to review your eating habits in the meantime. In fact, to have a toned body, in addition to sport, it is also important to follow one healthy and balanced diet, introducing the right foods.

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Some prefer to take inspiration from the stars and try to snatch their secrets. Let’s take for example Jeniffer Aniston, despite her 53 years, sports a crazy, firm and sculpted physique.

Having said that it is essential train and play sports. In addition to diet and good habits, if you want to sculpt your physique and firm up the most difficult areas, it is important to follow the right training.

Of course, a personal trainer can help you find the right formula based on your physique. But to revolutionize everything there has been thinking about science. If until now we have all always thought that it took many hours of training to have a great body, there would be another theory, which is that with 11 minutes of training 3 times a week you can keep fit and be healthy. Let’s see how.

It is a program developed by the researchers of the McMaster University and the Mayo Clinic, published in the International Journal of Exercise Science. This type of training is a combination of muscle strengthening and cardio activity.

In particular no specific tools are needed to perform it, but a small space is enough in any room of the house. This work out is essentially based on 5 basic exercises of the Royal Canadian Air Force of the 1960s, in a more updated version than that.

The program from 11 minutes includes burpees, running on the spot, walking on the spot, jumping squats and jumping jacks.

The group of researchers thus sampled a group of 20 people between men and women, all in good health but out of physical shape.

Half of these people did the 11-minute workout 3 times a week, while the other half continued doing their usual daily activities.without carrying out any type of motor activity.

Not only that, the people who did the workout aimed to push themselves beyond their abilities by trying to do as many exercises as possible in one minute.

After six weeks, the scientists ran the tests and found that those who trained had increased endurance by 7 percent compared to their starting figure, and their performance had improved compared to the control group.

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It takes 11 minutes of training 3 times a week to keep you fit and healthy!

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