“It’s just a flu”: Two-year-old girl sent home from hospital dies a few hours later

The 22-month-old girl had had a cold for some time but for the doctors it was a simple virus that had to be treated with paracetamol. Parents prepare the case

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After a cold and symptoms that persisted for weeks, little Hailey’s parents decided to take her to the hospital. For her doctors, her baby had just an infectionand they recommended a cure of paracetamol. However, a few hours later, the parents found the lifeless body of their daughter.

A cold that won’t go away

The tragedy occurred in wigan, a city in the United Kingdom not far from Liverpool and Manchester. When little Hailey started presenting cough and runny noseon December 7, she was taken to the family doctor, who prescribed some antibiotics.

A cure that did not last long, due to an allergic reaction. A week later then she, with symptoms still present, she was taken to another medical appointment where the family was told that because she had a viral infection, she needed to Calpol (paracetamol) and ibuprofen instead of antibiotics.

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An ambulance on duty in the UK

The next day, December 17, Hailey seems to have recovered, so much so that she runs and has an appetite again. But when her mother came to check on her condition late in the evening, she found it panting and called an ambulance. After two hours of waiting, however, she decided to take the little girl herself to the Wigan emergency room, where she managed to get her examined after another five hours.

The return from the hospital and death

The doctor who examined little Hailey, just 22 months old, diagnosed her with a flu virus and told the family to go home. to keep it hydrated, to administer Calpol and, if she hasn’t improved in three days, to take her back to the emergency room.

So on December 18, when parents Kris Thompson and Ibolya Adam brought Hailey home, they thought it was all over. But the next morning the father found the little girl motionless and unconscious in his cot.

The man immediately called for help e, guid on the phone by an operator, performed the cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the little girl. A paramedic then arrived and continued the practice before Hailey was rushed to Wigan Infirmary where despite best efforts doctors were unable to revive her.

Parents’ complaint

Several days later, Kris and partner Ibolya received a provisional death certificatewhich states that Hailey suffered from sepsis and pneumonia when she died. A death yet to be ascertained, pending further tests, including a specific one to detect streptococcus A infections.

Talking to a reporter of the Independent, the father said he now demands answers. “How can a healthy baby die in his sleep? And why hasn’t she been tested for strep A, scarlet fever or Covid, for example?”

“Now we are exploring the options for legal action. We feel stronger than ever now that we know she had sepsis and pneumonia, that the ER staff should have run tests to find out what was wrong with her, rather than just checking her sugar levels. blood or try looking at her tonsils.”

The only small consolation for now comes from the provisional certificate, thanks to which finally Kris and Ilboya will be able to celebrate the funeral of their little Hailey.


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“It’s just a flu”: Two-year-old girl sent home from hospital dies a few hours later

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