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By 2050 super-resistant bacteria to antibiotics could become the leading cause of death in the world, ahead of heart attack and stroke. It is the alarm raised by Andrea Mandelli, president of the Federation of Italian Pharmacists’ Orders (Fofi)on the occasion of European Day and World Antibiotic Awareness Week “It is the scenario that awaits us if responsible individual behaviors are not put into practice and in the absence of targeted policies and interventions”, insists the expert.

Antibiotic resistance is particularly worrying for Italy which continues to be the ‘black shirt’ in Europe, with 15,000 deaths a year from hospital infections from resistant bacteria, almost half of the total deaths, according to the ECDC. To stem this ‘silent pandemic’, it is more urgent than ever to intensify the efforts of health institutions and health professionals on various fronts: promoting a rational use of antibiotics, inside and outside hospitals, supporting research into new molecules and increasing awareness of the population on the danger associated with the emergence of resistant bacteria. “Misinformation – underlines Mandelli – is among the main causes of the inappropriate use of antibiotics which is recorded, for example, to treat the flu or colds during the winter period”.

Antibiotics are one of the fundamental achievements of medical research that we risk undermining through excessive useor, and in many cases improper, of these drugs. Using them correctly is everyone’s responsibility to avoid finding ourselves in the future without effective tools to fight infections, especially to the detriment of those who are more fragile”, concludes President Fofi.

Antibiotic resistance “is a global phenomenon, but in Italy it is influenced by two negative factors in particular: we are heavy consumers of antibiotics and we use too much antibiotics that we can define as worse in terms of the onset of resistance”. In particular, we take too many “last choice antibiotics, which we often use as first choice”, says Nicola Magrini, director general of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa).

More than prudent use, Magrini wanted to talk about the “appropriate use” of antibiotics. He then illustrated the new Recommendations on the subject made by AIFA and published today.

In the battle against antibiotic resistance, Magrini added, it remains “important to produce data and raise awareness of them. AIFA has a twenty-year history in this area, with publications of well-known and very well consulted reports”. It is also necessary to think of awareness-raising tools: “Today, even researchers do not find it strange to deal with films and puppets to better explain these things to everyone”.

For the AIFA director general, “recommendations based on the best evidence, which also deal with false myths”, are needed, among which Magrini cited “the false myth that antibiotic therapy cannot be interrupted if conditions allow it”. Finally “think about the complexity and investment for implementation in this area”.

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Killer bacteria, possible first cause of death by 2050 – Health & Wellness

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