Lives on the edge 📺 Loses weight but then tragedy happens 😞 His life ruined forever

Zsalynn Whitworth went against her husband’s wishes and turned to the famous program to lose weight and get back in shape.

In the famous series of Lives on the edgeNow in its tenth edition, patients wishing to get rid of their obesity travel to Houston, Texas, to seek the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. During the first visit, the patients are weighed, it is proposed to them a diet along with a weight loss goal to be reached by the next appointment, which usually takes place one or two months after the first visit.

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As the doctor and fans of the show already know, a patient’s success largely depends on the strength and consistency of his or her. support system. Indeed, it is the latter that should help the patient to make the psychological and lifestyle changes necessary to overcome the addiction. Unfortunately, some patients’ support systems are not only not supportive, they undermine patient success, as did Zsalynn Whitworth.

Zsalynn has achieved his goal

The woman, when she participated in the second series of the program, weighed 270 kg. During the first few minutes of the episode, it transpired that her husband Gareth was going to be a problem. He immediately opposed his wife’s desire to seek the doctor’s help, especially because of his own fetishism for morbidly obese women.

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Not only was Gareth against weight loss, he even wanted him to gain more. During the episode it was memorable the moment in which the man refuses to order her a saladtelling her: “If you want to eat grass, you can go to the garden to graze.” Despite her husband’s negative influence, the patient was able to lose enough weight to undergo gastric bypass.

Of course, after the surgery, Gareth took her to a fast food restaurant, where she ordered food that Zsalynn couldn’t eat. Also, he encouraged her to regain the weight she had lost. Undaunted, the woman concluded the first phase of her journey with an impressive loss of 112 kg.

Whitworth later appeared in the show’s spin-off “Where Are They Now?”, which shows the current condition of the patients. Here we found that Zsalynn reached another milestone: she dropped below 136kg qualifying for excess skin removal. The doctor performed the surgery successfully and removed a total of 23 kg of leather.

Viewers also learned that the former patient, after finally realizing how bad Gareth was to her health, she divorced her husband. Like any major life change, divorce has had repercussions on the woman, who has fallen into depression. But with the support of therapy, she moved on and rebuilt her life.

According to her social media, she still lives in Texas and has a new partner, Jack Lapp. And, according to the photos, it appears that he has continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Considered the lack of support at the beginning of his career, the results obtained by Zsalynn are nothing short of surprising!

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Lives on the edge 📺 Loses weight but then tragedy happens 😞 His life ruined forever

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