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Lorella Cuccarini had to undergo a delicate surgery in a period of her life that literally transformed her. In practice, the artist until then was convinced that she was in excellent health, so her discovery was – to say the least – unsettling. About her Her words …

The showgirl is now a singing teacher in the school of FriendsLorella Cuccarini talks about her past and about a delicate and very complex operation which she had to undergo back in 2002. She had been diagnosed a terrible disease discovered by chance …

Smiling, sunny and absolutely at the top: so the public is used to knowing and seeing the splendid and beautiful Lorella Cuccarini, dancer, presenter, singer, actress and, in the last two years, also dance and singing coach of the father of all talents, or Friends.

Today is in great shape and it seems that for her time has practically stopped, yet the showgirl’s past has also been marked by health problems and some conflict with food which is never to be taken lightly.

But what did the woman tell according to the its excellent physicality?

“It will also be a question of genes, I have the physicality of my grandmother, but the truth is that I train every day and I pay attention to what I put on the table. Yesterday like today. On the other hand, after forty, you pay more for the sgarro”Revealed in an interview with Corriere della Sera the 56-year-old Roman, admitting to having succumbed to temptation to diets which turned out to be very dangerous and from which we should always stay away for the sake of our physical and mental health!

She followed bad diets and had thyroid cancer

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“In time I followed several food regimesi, sometimes wrong. I remember in particular hyperprotein: it was fashionable at the time. I went back, I would avoid it: it can be harmfulespecially if based solely on meat “- said the woman who immediately afterwards added:” Well-being is a matter of head, not of size. A well-made diet shouldn’t be exclusionary or punitive, but a habit of eating in a balanced way for a long time“.

And it came in 2002, so 20 years ago, the terrible diagnosis for her: a tumor. The dancer has therefore underwent removal of the thyroid gland with consequent weight fluctuations. He therefore experienced a very difficult moment from every point of view, therefore also psychological.

In this regard Lorella said: “Eating has contributed, not a little, to get me back on track. I found myself with determination. And the gaze fixed on the values ​​that matter, such as that of the conviviality that was there, only needed to be regained“.

Now she is well and is “drunk with happiness”

1662783307 472 Lorella Cuccarini after the discovery of the disease lives without

Today Lorella considers the pleasure of the table a legacy from her maternal grandmother: “Sunday lunches started at dawn. Grandmother Magdalene he woke up early to prepare the fettuccine that he piled up in a disorderly bed on the bed, looking at me sideways. She knew that, shortly thereafter, I would have climbed that little mountain that was the mattress to go and unroll them so that they wouldn’t stick “she confided to her on the end of her open-hearted chat for the Courier and then get to talk about the absence of the father that he is left home when she was only nine. “It was hard, I suffered “.

But now she is happy and smiling at life since, as she herself stated: “I have crossed all the skies, ashen and bright, and learned to see the glass as half full. Now I am intoxicated with happiness“.

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Lorella Cuccarini, after the discovery of the disease lives without: what was removed from her – solocine.it

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