Masks, in private companies the obligation remains: here for which workers

L’mandatory mask indoors he comes back. Indeed, he has never disappeared. At least in some workplaceslike the private companies. At work, therefore, the same rules valid for transport, cinema, theater and hospitals will be applied: the obligation to wear a mask will remain, at least in some cases.

This is the line that will be adopted with i new anti-Covid protocols in the workplace: trade associations have asked the government for an extension of the obligation to wear masks indoors until June 15. The meeting at the ministry was held today to define the new guidelines and the protocols have been extended. It was also decided that by the end of June there will be a check on the issue to decide whether to maintain the obligation again.

It therefore seems likely that the rules for private companies differ from those for public officeswhere until mid-June there will be only the recommendation to wear personal protective equipment.

In the private sector the obligation will remain for workers who share spaces with other people as in officesas it should remain for who is a contact with the publicfor example in shops and in supermarkets.

The new anti-Covid protocol in the workplace

The obligation to wear the masks in private companies is provided for by the protocol in force, dating back to April 2021. Protocol which is confirmed, providing that this obligation is extended by a few more weeks.

The new provisions could also include a differentiated obligation based on the conditions of the workplace, therefore dependent on spaces available, from the risk of gatherings and from the employee’s contact with the public.

At present it is expected that in all cases where the work environment is shared there is an obligation to use masks: even those are sufficient surgical. However, there remains the possibility for companies to impose the obligation to Ffp2 bezels.

Obligation of a mask, different rules for PA and individuals?

By confirming the obligation to mask in private companies, the rules on these workplaces become different from those provided in the Pa.

The Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunettahas in fact issued a circular in which the use of masks (in this case Ffp2) is only recommendedespecially for staff in contact with the public.

Recommendation that also applies to those who work in common rooms (even if it is only two people), for the face-to-face meetingswhen you do the queue at the canteen or in the common areas and, finally, also in the lift.

The associations requests on the template at work

In view of the meeting with the government for the renewal of protocolsthe associations had announced that they wanted to ask for keep the use of masks for private workers at least until June 15. In particular, Confcommercio aims to maintain the obligation for workers in contact with the public, such as those in shops and supermarkets.

Protocols, they explain, could be simplified, but not abolished. Farewell to the mask it would therefore be gradual. Confcommercio’s line seems to be shared also by Confesercenti and Confindustria should also be in favor of maintaining these rules.

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Masks, in private companies the obligation remains: here for which workers

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