Maurizio Costanzo worries about his health conditions: “We will meet again”

With the news of the postponement of the Maurizio Costanzo Show released in these days, Maurizio Costanzo wanted to reassure his fans by letting them know what his health conditions are. Here’s how the famous host and journalist is doing.

Health Maurizio Costanzo –

Maurizio Costanzo is one of the pillars of television and of Italian journalism: his career is really decades long and his professionalism has inspired many of his colleagues. Fans love him and that’s exactly why I’m anxious about him these days.

The Maurizio Costanzo Show, historical program that turned 40, it was canceled temporarily because of Health problems of the conductor, news that shocked everyone, but it was he who broke the silence on the situation.

Maurizio Costanzo, a career with all the trimmings

Italian journalism and local television would not be the same without Maurizio Costanzo: a great professional, he carries out his Maurizio Costanzo Show for 40 years, always followed by a large section of the public.

Maurizio Costanzo
Maurizio Costanzo –

With the years, the presenter has become a very important pillar of Italian television. Born with a passion for journalism in his blood, at the age of 18 he began this career in several important newspapers and made his debut in the entertainment world in 1982, after many years as a journalist.

In his career he has interviewed several illustrious personalities, such as Giovanni Falcone, Totò and many others, and he is also became an author of unforgettable songssuch as “If calling” sung by Mina.

Maurizio Costanzo
Maurizio Costanzo –

With his Maurizio Costanzo Show40 years ago, he entered the homes of Italians, without ever leaving them and still today offers interviews, debates and moments that will remain in the history of television forever.

Maurizio Costanzo breaks the silence: this is how he is

This week, however, the usual episode was canceledto the shocking dismay of all his loyal spectators, who immediately became concerned.

Yes, because the episode was postponed due to Maurizio’s health problems, which is why immediately created a panic on the webwhere the conjectures on its condition have been really many.

Here’s why these days it was Costanzo himself who released a video in which he explains how he is, reassuring everyone.

In the video, published by Witty TV, the conductor said he was fineto have only a few lines of fever and that the episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show is only postponed.

“Hello everyone and sorry if I disturb you I am in the living room of my house, I have a few lines of fever: nothing serious, but it is the fruit of the season, it is flu. For this reason, a special of the Costanzo show will be broadcast tonight, with a series of choices made by various important episodes “.

Words that made all those worried about Costanzo breathe a sigh of relief, who apparently will be back very ready for the next episode.

Maurizio Costanzo episode channel 5
Maurizio Costanzo episode channel 5 –

Maurizio adds:

“Then Everything will pass and from next week we will come back to meet this time not from the living room of my house, but from the Parioli stage. Thanks and sorry “.

Expected guests, who will apparently return next week, will be Urbano Cairo, Giuseppe Conte, Alberto Matano, Ricky Tognazzi and Patty Pravo.

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Maurizio Costanzo worries about his health conditions: “We will meet again”

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