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Since yesterday, Monday 19 September, the clinic for menopause has been active at the Oglio Po hospital. Aimed at women aged 45 and over, it responds to a specific need in the territory of a continuous and personalized care for women. The opening of the clinic announced at the beginning of August attracted immediate interest from users who in recent months have progressively booked their first visit, occupying all available places until the end of the year. «The great adhesion found – he comments Aldo Riccardi (Director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit ASST Cremona) – testifies to a real need in the Casalasco-Viadanese territory. The extension to Oglio Po of a widely tested service in Cremona allows us to respond with appropriateness and experience, through a targeted and woman-friendly path ».

The menopause clinic is part of the consolidated activity of the Casalmaggiore Gynecology and relies on the specialist skills of the team directed by Alberto Rigollimade up of gynecologists Mattia Gualdi And Federica Angeriflanked by midwives Anna Rignanese, Sabrina Cattabiani And Anna Stella Neighbors. Active every two weeks (every Monday from 9 to 13.30) it will be managed by Valentina Santamaria, gynecologist of the OU Obstetrics and Gynecology of Cremona. You will have gynecological examinations, pap tests and first and second level transvaginal ultrasounds. Where necessary, the activity will be able to count on the targeted advice of various specialists (cardiologists, endocrinologists, senologists) who regularly collaborate with gynecology to deal with the various problems affecting the patients from an integrated perspective.

WHAT IT DOES – Taking charge accompanies the patients from the first symptoms related to the climacteric to the post-menopause, to better manage the possible disorders and the many changes that affect women in this delicate phase of their life. The first interview can also be requested for preventive purposes: this allows any clinical problems that may arise to be intercepted in time. Menopause, in fact, does not only affect the gynecological sphere but can influence cardiovascular and neurological functions, which is associated with the possible development of oncological pathologies. An early diagnosis is the first step for a personalized therapeutic path, aimed at the prevention and promotion of women’s health.

HOW TO ACCESS – A referral from the general practitioner is required, with a request for a “first gynecological visit” and a diagnostic question “Menopause clinic”. To book, contact the CUP of the Oglio Po Hospital (from Monday to Friday, 8-18.30) or contact the regional toll-free number 800 638 638 (from Monday to Saturday, 8-20). The clinics are located at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit of the Oglio Po Hospital (Via Staffolo, 51 – Vicomoscano, Casalmaggiore), on the first floor.

OTHER CLINICS – The OU of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Oglio Po offers clinics aimed at all age groups and specialized in the management of pregnancy, in the prevention and follow-up of pathologies and various problems. Below is the list of active services, which can be accessed by booking through booking.

  • Gynecological clinic
    Monday 14-16
    Tuesday 14-16
    Wednesday 14-16
    Friday 10-13
  • PAP test
    Tuesday 8.30-13
    Thursday 8.30-11
    Friday 8-11
  • Vaginal swabs
    Monday to Friday 10-12
    (Direct access without reservation)
  • Colposcopy (follow-up after pathological test)
    Tuesday 8.30-13
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy
    Monday 8.30-10, twice a month
    Tuesday 11.30-13
  • Urogynecology clinic
    Friday 2.30pm-4pm, twice a month


  • Obstetric clinic
    Monday 8.30-13
    Thursday 14-16
    Friday 10-13
  • I level obstetric ultrasound
    Monday 8.30-13
    Wednesday 8.30-13
  • Morphological obstetric ultrasound
    Thursday 8.30-13

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Menopause Clinic, in Oglio Po there is a boom in bookings – OglioPoNews

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