Mental health: 15 minutes are enough to improve the whole day

Mental health is very important and it really takes a few minutes to deal with it and to prevent more serious ailments, let’s see how to change the day.

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We have a lot of habits made just for to prevent some very serious ailments. We can say that we eat well to avoid gaining weight, to avoid having problems with blood sugar and cholesterol. Or we brush our teeth to avoid cavities and have to go to the dentist. This along with many other daily actions.

Well, have you ever thought of any healthy habits for yours mental health? It is a subject that many tend to avoid or underestimate. Instead, it is of paramount importance. The mind and the body must go on together. If one lacks health, the other suffers and vice versa. So, being aware of what to do will be a step forward.

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So let’s see how a few minutes can be enough to improve your mental health day by day and have all the benefits. A little effort, minimum, and a lot of health gained. Here are all the details.

Mental health: it only takes a few minutes every day

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Speaking is a psychology expert, Dr. Broderick Sawyer of Louisville, Kentucky. He thinks we should think about mental health and implement themental hygiene. All this to decrease the amount of cortisol in circulation, the stress hormone. In this way you will have greater awareness and greater daily serenity, a fundamental help for living.

He spotted one routine very effective in everyday life. Here it is in a few steps:

  1. Try new activities: just take a few minutes every morning. According to the doctor, it is enough to change the radio station to one with music that we like and it relaxes us instead of always listening to alarming news. Or have a coffee sitting outside in the garden for about ten minutes. A few and small things, but different every day can help a lot;
  2. Take note: It is important to note in a diary how you feel at each activity. In this way, in 15 minutes you think about what you feel, write it down and understand what is good for us and what we don’t need at all;
  3. Attention at the moment: Doing one thing can do well but if you choose the right time, just as the same thing can not do well if you choose the wrong time to do it. It is a question of concentration, focus and awareness;
  4. Add as needed: if this practice of taking a few minutes in the morning is good for you, it is also useful to take them in the evening, disconnecting everything and becoming aware of yourself and what you need to be in peace even if for a short time.

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It takes very little to lower the stress levels in the body, which are responsible for many diseases and health problems. Dedicate little time to oneself to have great mental and physical health benefits is the right choice.

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Mental health: 15 minutes are enough to improve the whole day

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