Minister Speranza announces the signing of the decree: the Orders of Physiotherapists are born.

The orders of physiotherapists are born. Piero Ferrante, first president: “We will be the home of all physiotherapy professionals. Article 32 of the Constitution will be the foundation of our action ”.

On the occasion of the World Day of Physiotherapy – yesterday 8 September – and speaking within an event promoted by the Italian Association of Physiotherapy-AIFI at the Senate of Palazzo Giustiniani in Rome, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza announced the signing of the Decree with which the territorial Orders of Physiotherapists are established and – at the same time – the National Federation of the Orders of Physiotherapists.

Today is an important day

Speranza said, “you are celebrating the World Day of Physiotherapy, but it is also an important day for our country.

And it is with great pleasure that I want to announce that just this morning I signed the Decree establishing the National Federation of the Orders of the health profession of Physiotherapist ”.

The Minister concluded: “From this moment there is an autonomous Order that becomes part of the orders of the health professions, a very important result for a job that comes from far away and which, after the final opinion of the Council of State, has enabled me to proceed with this signature ”.

The Decree establishes

the birth of a new professional order in health which today records the presence of over 68 thousand professionals who are thus detached from the current Federation FNO TSRM PSTRPin application of the provisions of Article 4, paragraph 9 letter d, of the Law of 11 January 2018, for professions with more than 50,000 merchants.

Today our most alive

and sincere thanks go to Minister Speranza and to all those parliamentarians who have worked to achieve this historic goal “, is the warm comment offered by Piero Ferrantefirst president of the new Order, “both for the signing of the Decree and for his attentive participation in the World Day of Physiotherapy.

Right now

we cannot forget all the work carried out in recent years within the Federation of the Orders of the health professions, with which we have developed an important path that has brought us collaboratively to a great goal.

But we don’t want to not even forget about all the physiotherapist colleagues who have worked in Italy since the 1950s to give our profession a dignity and representation that today is finally recognized institutionally.

From here on out

our commitment will be continuous, constant, timely, spread throughout the national territory.

We therefore wish to ensure citizens, patients, familiesall the NHS and the institutions that the Order of Physiotherapists will be the transparent home of all physiotherapy professionals, a house whose foundations are solidly rooted in Article 32 of the Constitution ”.

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Minister Speranza announces the signing of the decree: the Orders of Physiotherapists are born.

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