Muscle and joint pain, neck pain and back pain due to sedentary work could disappear quickly with these 3 simple tricks

Working long hours in the office sitting at your desk can cause a lot of damage to your back and neck. The section of posturology of the Catholic University of Milan. Scientists are keen to clarify that to prevent the many hours sitting from excessively damaging our back and neck there is a first fundamental rule. This is to keep the physiological curves of our body unaltered, in particular of the spine.

In fact, doctors remember how the spine is not made up of a straight segment but is characterized by a series of curvatures. These have the fundamental purpose of balancing the weight load of the body and generally provide us with greater resistance. The correct and physiological curvature of the back allows a harmless distribution of the body weight. To ensure that our body maintains its curves unchanged, correct posture, both standing and sitting, is essential.

The risks of sedentary activity

The sitting position, added to the daily use and for a long time of devices such as PCs and smartphones, leads us to assume truly harmful positions. In fact, we arch our back and flex our neck unnaturally forward for a long time. This creates muscle and joint pain, neck pain and back pain which, however, we can address and prevent using expert advice.

Scholars explain that an adult’s head weighs about 5 kilograms. When aligned with the torso it is a weight perfectly manageable by the curves of the spine. While when it is misaligned, especially as happens with the incorrect use of smartphones and PCs, it creates severe fatigue. Bending with your back for long periods to work and study at your desk can also create big problems. Postural low back pain may occur, which can promote the development of herniated discs. Over time, the individual may also lose the typical elasticity of the back. This can create several difficulties in coping with the most common daily activities.

Muscle and joint pain, neck pain and back pain due to sedentary work could disappear quickly with these 3 simple tricks

Rather important, then, to follow the advice of the experts. In the meantime, use ergonomic chairs when carrying out work and study over time. This allows you to maintain the physiological curves of the body by correctly distributing the loads and making the curves of the back work properly. The second tip from the experts is about the location of the monitor.

In fact, positioned in the right place, it avoids unnatural neck flexions and saves us a lot of pain and back pain. The third element, equally important, is the height of the work table. This must be designed to harmonize with the heights of the monitor and the chair. The height of the table must be sufficient to allow the comfortable support of the forearms. This avoids tension and incorrect curvature of both the shoulders and the neck. Therefore, height-adjustable work tables are preferred.

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Muscle and joint pain, neck pain and back pain due to sedentary work could disappear quickly with these 3 simple tricks

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