New Kos manager for the Marches, the group has chosen Laura Benedetto Tensions at Santo Stefano

HEALTH – In the structure of Porto Potenza Picena, where the operators had already demonstrated for the non-renewal of the national employment contract, there is talk of cuts and blocking of investments

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The Santo Stefano

from Luca Patrassi

At Santo Stefano, as if the tensions already highlighted due to the non-renewal of the national employment contract were not enough, there is talk of cuts and blocking of investments. In addition to leading the Kos group in the Marche region, of which Santo Stefano has been the emblem in Macerata for years, there is a new manager. Laura Benedetto from Marche was nominated in place of Patrizia Potente. There is also the particular that Enrico Brizioli from Macerata lately we see a little less in the Marches having had other national posts: just enough to talk about cuts. Someone also talks about sales but these are rumors that seem unfounded. It is difficult to know what is happening in the private health care of the Marche region and in particular in the Kos group which in the Marche region has a strong position by owning hospitals, Rsa, rehabilitation centers and diagnostic centers.


Laura Benedetto

Simply viewing the Kos website already provides some answers. It is a group that is present with its structures in 11 Italian regions and 2 foreign countries, for a total of over 13 thousand beds, manages 93 structures in Italy and 47 in Germany. In Italy there are almost 9 thousand beds managed in 55 residences for the elderly, 16 rehabilitation centers, 13 psychiatric therapeutic communities, 7 psychiatric clinics and 2 hospitals. Kos is also active with 15 rehabilitation and diagnostic outpatient centers and, in India, with 14 diagnostic and radiotherapy centers. The group merged the various operating companies. The chairman of the board of directors is Carlo Michelini, the managing director remains Giuseppe Vailati Venturi while Enrico Brizioli, vice president of Kos Care, becomes the medical-scientific director of the Kos group. Then there are the various sector directors, from Development to Human Resources through to administration. It should be added that Brizioli is also national vice president of Aiop Rsa, president of Aiop Marche and Umbria and responsible for relations with the Ministry for the association of private operators in the health sector.

Also on the Kos website we read that the strategy for the future remains that of strengthening, however, it is necessary to understand what will happen in the Marche in the light of the cuts and the blocking of investments. Certainly the official news will come to decisions already adopted and implemented, no announcements. It is also true that the situation in Kos is the same as in other health and non-health companies: there are emergencies related to the increase in costs – costs for personnel, for energy, for the purchase of materials – and the rates for reimbursement of services that are blocked by time, especially for RSAs.


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New Kos manager for the Marches, the group has chosen Laura Benedetto Tensions at Santo Stefano

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