Nina Moric, health problems. On Instagram: “This physical pain is consuming me”

Nina Moric has health problemsit was she who revealed it through her stories Instagram in which he told about the exam he had to carry out and how the physical pain is consuming her. The Croatian model, ex-wife of Fabrizio Coronahas attached to his words the report of a gastroscopy which states that a histological examination is in progress.

Nina Moric, her words about health problems

Nina Moric she indulged in a small outburst on social media letting her many followers know that she has gods Health problems. She did it through the Instagram stories where she shared the photo of the medical report of a gastroscopy. At the shot she accompanied words that explain how she feels: “I am not afraid of the outcome of the histological examinationI just want to turn this off excruciating pain. Despite having a very high pain threshold this time physical pain is consuming me“.

Words followed by some stories in which she is seen in the company of her cat, in one of these she reaffirmed the excruciating pain she is feeling. Then no more words about it, just a few stories with a friend.

Waiting to understand if she will continue to tell her followers about her health conditions, only a month ago the model wrote a long dedication to his son on the occasion of his birthday, he lived apart: in fact, Carlos lives with his father Fabrizio Corona.

You have published a photo that portrays them embraced back to back, an image accompanied by profound words that end with: “And if possible never forget that time in which you were looking for my hugs. You can question everything in this world but I will never allow you to question my boundless love for you.Now become a man, Happy Birthday. Your mother…”.

Nina Moric social media and work

Nina Moric she is not very active on social media, at least when it comes to posting photos: enough time passes between one shot and the next. The photos she shares are usually beautiful work images. And precisely with regard to the professional sphere in recent months the model is back on the catwalks. A modern cat woman: the outfits showed off the gorgeous body of Nina Moric at 46, still queen of the catwalks. On that occasion, the designer Sophia Nubes also showed the model’s ex-husband: Fabrizio Corona. The two married in 2001, their son Carlos was born in 2002. The couple split in 2007, while the divorce dates back to 2014.

Their relationship is still often talked about now, despite a long time ago. Recently just during the latest edition of Big Brother Vip when Giacomo Urtis, a competitor of the House, had let slip that he had had a relationship with Corona in the past. Without prejudice to the veracity of the indiscretion, he had caused a sensation also the when: in fact it seems that it could have happened while Corona was busy, for this reason the thought immediately ran to Belen Rodriguez and his ex-wife who had promptly denied through Dagospia saying, among other things: “Me the woman of the triangle? But I can barely handle one, let alone two! “

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Nina Moric, health problems. On Instagram: “This physical pain is consuming me”

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