Not everyone knows that to fight anxiety even in a natural way it would help to eat this very common food

Relying on doctors is always the best way to deal with a disease or its symptoms. As well as when you have some kind of doubts about your health. They are the ones who evaluate whether to prescribe drug therapy or not. Sometimes, however, the same specialists recommend lifestyles, including food, that can support their strategies.

At the table you can find important aids

And in this sense, researches are often published that explain how habits can be followed at the table that can help both in prevention and in therapy. For example, not everyone knows that eating salmon could be a good help to combat anxiety. But to understand what we are referring to, it is better to proceed in order.

Salmon, as many know, guarantees a good intake of omega 3. Several studies show that, among their beneficial properties, these good fats have neuroprotective capacities. Likewise, science recognizes these nutrients as regulating a key neurotransmitter such as serotonin. The latter is labeled the happiness hormone due to its ability to improve mood and have a calming effect. Anxiety, not surprisingly, is also associated with its possible deficiency.

Going into more detail, in addition to the Omega 3 contained in salmon, we can speak, for example, of eicosapentaenoic acid. As the experts of theHumanitas, its intake is suggested in the treatment of pathologies such as depression, schizophrenia and mood disorders. And there is no lack of other insights to report. Salmon, by the way, contains vitamin D, which is considered to be another serotonin stimulator.

Not everyone knows that to fight anxiety even in a natural way it would help to eat this very common food

With specific reference to Atlantic salmon, in 2014 a study (published in PubMed) was conducted on 95 patients.

Some of them were asked to eat salmon three times a week, for a period of time between September and February. The others were assigned other dishes.

Those who ate this fish were able to obtain the improvement of values ​​such as heart rate variability and heart rate. This allowed, therefore, to notice changes in parameters associated with biological mechanisms referable to anxiety.

These are studies that, if there were no contraindications, suggest that consuming salmon could represent a good dietary habit. for those who want to eat healthy. A choice that should naturally be associated with a diet that is healthy and balanced.

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Not everyone knows that to fight anxiety even in a natural way it would help to eat this very common food

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